Wake Up Your Spine

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Stretch, strengthen and lengthen your spine in this short, vinyasa-style class. Your back, spine and neck will feel wonderful after doing a class with so much spinal care, twists, bends and folds. Enjoy!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Great gentle but effective wake-up for the back
huma 1 month ago

Bookmarked this one..!

I loved this class for all
nipper 3 months ago

I loved this class for all the beautiful elements and mindful transitions and pace.

Nice upper back stretch
nadomom 4 months ago

I like the pace of this class and the flow with the breath. I especially enjoyed the upper back stretch, I don't get that very often and it's nice to be taught new stretches.

great class
oakhazel 5 months ago

It's the first time I have done one of Traceys' classes. Very enjoyable, great instructions and pace which wasn't too fast. I find the music prevents me from being mindful and going in with my practice, it brings me away from the practice mentally. I have to refocus on the instructions and take my focus away from the music (even though it's quiet, soft music)

Sweet + short midday practice
PeacefulRN 7 months ago

Sweet + short midday practice to stretch out and soften. Thank you!

Lovely lengthening wake up
Janet_ 1 year ago

Thank you, Tracey for this practice! I did it first thing this morning and it made me feel longer and connected to start the day. I really enjoy your classes and now have another to add to the collection I do over and over. Thanks.

Short and sweet
KiroChappy 1 year ago

I love this practice for times when I need a quick release of tight muscles. It's a perfect blend of getting your body moving while targeting some typically tight areas. My body and mind both are both happy after this practice. Namaste, Tracy. We need more of your classes!

Thank you!!
KiroChappy 1 year ago

Thanks David. This site is such a great resource and service.

Love love love
chopper 1 year ago

I am always trying to squeeze dywm in my morning routine and this one will be in my favourites , Tracey you nailed it in 18 minutes giddy up! I love the pace and details thankyou sooo much