Moving Meditation


love this one
oakhazel 1 month ago

I love Fijis classes but unfortunately, can't keep up with most of them too often. This one is more manageable - a lovely lesson - it will be on my favourite list . Thank you, love the music too.

megslango 2 months ago

Thank you so much. Im a student and this was what I needed to de stress during mid terms.

Wow really helped my neck
nadomom 2 months ago

I love Fiji's classes. My neck has been hurting for a few days and this class really helped relaxed it. The deep breathing with sweeping moves are helping. Thank you

A longer version of this would be very welcome
ruth.joyce 3 months ago

Like many of the other folks who've commented here, I would also like to see a longer version of this if possible. I love the meditative aspect to this video. My mind races far too often and this is one of the few yoga classes where I've been able to really focus on the movements. I think it's the repetition? Not sure, but it's delightfully relaxing. A 45 min or 1-hour version of something like this would be wonderful. Thank you Fiji and DYWM.

Re: A longer version of this would be very welcome
David Procyshyn 3 months ago

It's coming! Not sure yet of the launch date, but within the next 2 months.

This was amazing Fiji! It's
Arctica 3 months ago

This was amazing Fiji! It's the kind of class I could do every evening before I go to sleep. Thank you!

Love this class!
JHNabors 3 months ago

Really enjoyed this class and would love to see more classes like this one.

Perfect class
sescanlan 4 months ago

Thank you Fiji !This was a perfect class to get my morning started, clear my mind and wake up my body. I'm carefully getting back to yoga with some on-going vertigo issues and was happy to complete this class with no issues.

jomaby 4 months ago

Thank you Fiji, that really was a beautiful quick practice. Your classes are usually beyond my ability so I feel extra happy to actually finish one without skipping any poses. This will be on my top ten list from now on and a great reminder to connect breaking with motion.