Twist and Stretch

Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
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Let go of your day with this gentle hatha yoga class. This class will help you open your shoulders and hips, and the focus on twists is amazing for releasing tension in the spine.


This class is top of my list
Stephanii 1 month ago

This class is top of my list - it's my go to when I feel like I need some new life breathed into me!

A beautiful experience
nipper 1 month ago

Lovely stretch and twist at a relaxing pace with careful directions. lovely music and relaxation.
Thank you Melissa

I love this, thank you
inklingswitch 4 months ago

I'll be starting my days with this or the Bend and Stretch class. Super!
Melissa, if it's not too nosy, may I ask where that lovely yellow top is from? I've been looking for one like it. :)

Miss the old music, but still love the class
Sarah NN3 5 months ago

This is such a sweet practice that I come back to whenever I need a calm, relaxed session. I was sad to see that the original music, which was a beautiful clarinet piece, has been replaced with piano. The piano is fine, but the clarinet was wonderful and really set this video apart from the others. I missed the clarinet today, but still loved the class.

This video would be great if
dogphishead 6 months ago

This video would be great if it would actually load. Been trying to watch for two days now, but the spotty stream makes it anything but relaxing. It's too bad!

Loading Video
David Procyshyn 6 months ago

Hi, there. Try using a different browser and pausing the video for a few minutes at the beginning. It should stream without a problem.

Melissa is one of my favorite
rnkbreaux 1 year ago

Melissa is one of my favorite teachers! Her voice is calming and smooth and her instructions are clear. Beautiful class as always.

amazing class Melissa!!!
mmbanda 1 year ago

amazing class Melissa!!! music, timing, poses, just great.