Yin Yoga for the Lower Back, Hips and Legs

Anastasia Hangemanole
Instructor Anastasia Hangemanole
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Anastasia's gentle, clear guidance makes this yin class a pure joy. She helps you relax into poses that will release the muscles in your back, hips and legs, holding longer to deepen the release with breath and awareness. Your lower back with thank you for doing this yin yoga class for the spine. If you don't have a bolster, learn how to make a bolster at home. The music playlist is provided by Yogitunes.

Equipment: Block, Bolster
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


katielee23 6 months ago

Thank you, Anastasia - that was a delightful unwind after work. I feel grounded and ready for my holidays!

JadePeace 7 months ago

Thank you! this class was just what I needed, the guidance and music is blissful. I usually have a very yang practice, but I’ve been struggling with a cold and my mental health too this last week. I feel so happy to be in my body and full of joy after this class. Namaste.

cheaps 11 months ago

This class is a series of lovely stretches. When in child's pose, Anastasia's voice was quite garbled and after that the music was too loud for her soft voice.

Marieseville 12 months ago

This was a perfect practice for letting go. I have a very yang practice and needed to sink deep into my hips and back and let go of some stuck emotions that I had felt building up. In child's pose, everything flooded out - my poor yoga mat was soaked with tears but it felt so good and so necessary to just let go.
Thank you so much - your lovely healing voice and energy really helped me feel nurtured, which is what I needed in order to release.


Ciloo 1 year ago

...at the end of a hot day !! Thanks Anastasia ! The sound could be a little better though, it's saturating when you are close to the microphone.

karalittle 1 year ago

Great class - just wanted to point out for people with knee issues looking at this class, there is an extended child's pose, so I found it handy to have my small cushions ready for under and/or behind my knees for extra padding and reduced compression on the joints.

jklebenov 2 years ago

I have been looking for something like this. A lot of the yin videos on youtube are much too strenuous. I made the bolster out of two blankets and it worked wonderfully. Thank-you!