Morning Hatha Yoga

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
Average: 4.8 (416 votes)
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This beginner hatha yoga class is a nice way to wake up and start your day, if you only have half an hour to spare. Melissa goes at a nice pace, spending enough time in poses to create a good release, and emphasizing alignment and breath. You will love the way you feel after doing this class!

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


thisthingnow 4 years ago

(Similar to the comment below...) This is my first online yoga class, completed just now while my children are in kindergarten. Perfect starting point for my home practise! It was a pleasure to listen to Melissa's instructions with the waves in the background and to see the sun setting. My body does feel good and I will come back to this. Thank you

suzanne flowerday 4 years ago

I just did this class for the first time after dropping my kids at school and before starting work and I loved it. I will def. do this again at this time of day. Thank you!!

Josephine5 4 years ago

One of my favorite instructors. Her explanations are so clear that you don't have to look at the video, you can just listen to her. Her videos are perfect for beginners. I have every one of them bookmarked.

christine evans 4 years ago

Thank you Melissa for such clear instruction. I loved this class and will be back for more. Just trying out the classes and so far I am very pleased.

Broderix 4 years ago

First time back to yoga in years, so great thank you. I really enjoyed...

kimmike03 5 years ago

Exactly what I was looking for to wake me up and start my morning.

emitea 5 years ago

You're so sweet! It makes me smile every time you say 'please'. Thank you for such a lovely routine. ^__^