Maintain Alignment in Standing Poses

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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Understanding alignment is one of the most important aspects of yoga. It can be the difference between feeling good and experiencing pain after a yoga class. In this class, David teaches you how to maintain alignment in some of yoga's more common standing poses.

Equipment: Strap, Block, Blankets


eloveland 1 year ago

wow, great practice yet again. Amazing how something as basic as mountain pose and warrior 1 and 2 really tax the body when going so slowly and making sure everything is in proper alignment. I wish I had this class years ago when I first started yoga, I would not have to unlearn all the bad habits now. Thanks so much! Can't wait for the next one!

wayfarer 1 year ago

very detailed and thorough. Was a bit slow for me, with little variation, however it is an excellent introduction for anyone just starting yoga, with all the information you need to get those foundation poses correct.

JulietEccleston 1 year ago

good to continue to remind me about correct position... definitely need the reminders

kebeyer 1 year ago

Learned today that I have very tight hamstrings! Great class!

saidababuchanda 1 year ago

Good one, need to know different parts like glutes, pelvis etc to do these effectively

epurcell 1 year ago

I appreciate the slow and detailed instructions of this class. Although, I too was left wanting a bit more.

MC Lessard 1 year ago

It was good but left me wanting more. Another pose or two to add a bit of fun or energy would have been nice.

MC Lessard 1 year ago

Great class David! I'm having a hard time with the subtle movements of lifting the knees and pushing the thighs back or inward...I'm not even sure what you said. :-) Can you pls help? TY