Maintain Alignment in Seated Poses

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Instructor David Procyshyn
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This class teaches fundamentals that you can carry forward to any class. David helps you understand what proper alignment feels like, helping you get the best out of every class you do.

Equipment: Strap, Block, Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


Thank you David
Leela 1 month ago

Have had hip surgery few years ago for shredding ligaments, torn labrum etc. I need to get stronger, its just not the same. I took this just thinking ‘alignment’ in general for my back, but wanted to tell you this class is amazing for my hips and getting them straight. I get so frustrated cuz i want things like they were and get impatient, but i hung in there and this will really help me. I stayed at my edge without jamming anything, I think the props really helped, Just wanted to let you know.

Excellent choice for me
agilpwd 1 month ago

I did the Senior challenge last month. My first yoga ever. Enjoyed it, but found a lot a little too low key. Decided to try this one . I was away first half of Feb. so just now getting to start. Wow! Big step from Senior Challenge, but if this first class was indicative, it will kick my b*tt, but be very good for me. I will keep revisiting the arthritis exercises in Senior for hands and feet though. Love those and they are great for keeping pain at bay and helping keep me flexible .

So glad I did the one year subscription, even though I am new to yoga. It gave me the incentive to keep it up at the beginning and now I am loving these classes. Love David. : )

Great class for ...
Decorbeck 1 month ago

Great class for me to make sure I was aligned correctly

Excellent re-entry class ...
Mamanp 1 month ago

Excellent re-entry class having been away for a long time.

Excellent re-entry class
Mamanp 1 month ago

Thanks, David.
I've been away for a while and this was just what I needed.

When the practice ...
Amazon2010 2 months ago

When the practice started I did not like the instructor but by the end I really enjoyed his calm energy.
Great 1st class of my 30 day challenge!

I was worried ...
lumi28788 2 months ago

I was worried initially about a 50 minute course, piew. I've never yoga'd for so long, but David made time fly by, and I feel so good right now. Can't wait for the next day.

adalexander 2 months ago

These poses were much more difficult than they looked--as with many of the poses in yoga. A wonderful class as always, with great instruction and a calming voice. Thanks so much, David.