Maintain Alignment in Lying Poses

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Maintain Alignment in Lying Poses

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Instructor David Procyshyn
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In this gentle hatha yoga class, David pays close attention to alignment as he guides you through a series of poses that are all done lying down. Many of the poses will focus on the legs and lower back.

Equipment: Strap, Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


Day 3 of ...
Brandycat 3 hours ago

Day 3 of the yoga challenge with my 14 year old daughter . We do curse a bit holding the poses-who knew that being perfectly still could be so challenging?-, but we feel fabulous afterward-healthy, strong, ready! Thanks David and team. I first came across this site 5 years ago while volunteering in Viet Nam-I am now in a position to subscribe and loving it.

yoga for beginners
cocosbog2 13 hours ago

Wonderful, relaxing class with you. My only concern was that, in my mid 70's yet quite healthy, I'm unable to cross my left leg even with the help of a bolster. Is it okey to stretch my legs out instead of the posture you used?


Excellent class! Thank ...
nanzen 3 days ago

Excellent class! Thank you, David. A new concept for me -lying down Tadasana,

David explains the ...
dssolnik 3 days ago

David explains the alignment and poses very clearly. He is an excellent instructor.

Hi David! Thanks again ...
Monica Semington 4 days ago

Hi David!
Thanks again for the wonderful class.
I am enjoying the short classes, because it is very gentle way to get back in shape.
Thank you

What a great ...
Nyki306 5 days ago

What a great way to recover from a 4 hour plane ride.

More challenging than ...
ksvonnegut 5 days ago

More challenging than you’d think,

Thanks, David. I’m ...
Orchidanica 6 days ago

Thanks, David. I’m noticing that my hips have been more flexible since the first class. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.