Maintain Alignment in Standing Poses

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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Understanding alignment is one of the most important aspects of yoga. It can be the difference between feeling good and experiencing pain after a yoga class. In this class, David teaches you how to maintain alignment in some of yoga's more common standing poses.

Equipment: Strap, Block, Blankets


Kitkatkatey 1 year ago

Wonderful as always.

Lovely lengthening feeling in my back and hips.

MillyB 1 year ago

Enjoyed this as much as Day1 One. Loved the use of the props. :)

Nyamyj 1 year ago

I am loving your new classes with all the attention to alignment. I had to leave my local studio because I was getting injured due to lack of attention to alignment within poses. I now enjoy your site exclusively along with a Pilates practice. I feel wonderful. This class kept me focussed and feeling safe. Thank you David.

cryptickitten 1 year ago

I think I did the warrior pose correctly for the first time in my life. Thank you!

An_Na_Vo 1 year ago

David's classes are always instructive and peaceful - we emerged refreshed and noticed a few things we had not been paying attention to in terms of our alignment. Thanks!

SarahViolet 1 year ago

This felt much better than the seated one. I felt so strong and grounded in these poses! It’s amazing how much is going on in yoga even when it looks still and serene. :)

Sharyl M 1 year ago

Only the second day and I can feel an improvement already! Namaste