Free Your Happiness

Free Your Happiness

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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This challenging, fun, power yoga class keeps you moving, working your strength and stretching you deeply. Tracey will put a smile on your face as you sweat and work hard, filling you with motivation and thoughts of happiness and joy. Her vinyasa-style classes are popular because of her ability to move through so many challenging yoga poses and keep you feeling good on the inside.

Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


I am inspired!
M.Doman 2 months ago

Tracey asks that you think of a word to meditate on and take with you throughout your day..."Inspired" was my word, and an inspired intention during my practice was strong, guiding me to gently push myself a little more. Thank you Tracey ~ I will gently push myself in all I do today.

tracey's classes are the most
dena.rissman 4 months ago

tracey's classes are the most fun! thank you!

Tracey always gets me smiling
acesarotti 7 months ago

I was a little emotional this evening & on top of everything this yoga class wouldn't load. You know when you're just at the point where something so trivial makes you cry in frustration-- I was there! I set my intention around the word 'light'. After only a few minutes I was shrugging out of my funk. As Tracey guided me through some of the more challenging transitions or invited me to touch my heart, I couldn't help but smile. Honestly leaving this class feeling so much lighter, and Tracey brought me one more smile as she reminded to "spread your light". I came full circle! Thank you!

What a fun class! Something
Paulette9 7 months ago

What a fun class! Something inside shifted during the class and instead of seeing some of the poses a challenge, I saw them as FUN! Huge! Thanks so much for your fun and loving words and attitude!

Morning bliss :)
Audinette 9 months ago

It is close to noon on a grey winter Sunday morning. There is only one word: MERCI :)

Thank you!!
davekats 10 months ago

Tracey never fails to make me giggle and build up some heat! Namaste :)

Sometimes I am acutely aware
sarah.mattox 11 months ago

Sometimes I am acutely aware that I Need to do yoga, need to re-center, need to re-ground. This class met me, and I am deeply grateful.

I had a strange night/morning
Emily.vdk 1 year ago

I had a strange night/morning in which old memories of an old traumatic incident from around this date years ago were flooding my brain and I couldn't seem to get away from them.... Doing this yesterday yoga helped me to let them go, to actually free my happiness as it were. Thank you very much. Namaste.