Flow to Side Crow

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
Average: 4.8 (261 votes)
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Rachel is an expert at sequencing. In this intermediate hatha flow yoga class, she creatively prepares you for the challenging peak pose side crow (parsva bakasana). By the time you get there, your confidence and your body are more than ready to take the weight into your arms.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Nancy_ 2 years ago

I remember trying this class a few years ago and that my ego was really hurt, because I wasn't able to do the side crow. Today, I did both of them!!! I am really happy to see my progress and where patience and modesty brought me! Thank you!

smeidel 2 years ago

I love all of Rachel's classes, although side crow is way beyond me at this point. Will keep working on it though!

LYH 2 years ago

No side crow for me yet but Rachel made it look attainable!

LYH 2 years ago

No side crow for me yet but Rachel made it look attainable!

dficorilli 2 years ago

Enjoyed the class alot even though I didn't quite make it into side crow. I feel like my arms are too short but I am not giving up! Thank you!

tsailinda 2 years ago

Love the stretches this class offers, even though the crow poses are just too much for me!

JennS 2 years ago

I haven’t done this class in a long time and I surprised myself by getting into side crow. It’s so encouraging to see improvements with regular practice!

kowsley 2 years ago

Can't quite nail that peak pose yet, but I can tell I'm getting stronger. I love how Rachel so clearly guides you through her classes.