Flow to Side Crow

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
Average: 4.8 (257 votes)
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Rachel is an expert at sequencing. In this intermediate hatha flow yoga class, she creatively prepares you for the challenging peak pose side crow (parsva bakasana). By the time you get there, your confidence and your body are more than ready to take the weight into your arms.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


jmt905 1 year ago

Wonderful moderately challenging flow ending with a fun, playful pose. Thank you!

Carmen Calleja 1 year ago

I love this class! I try to do it often to check on my side crow progress and I finally got both feet off the ground today!!
Thank you :)

tibig 1 year ago

The flow was wonderful. Of course, not yet ready for the final pose but certainly on the way towards it. It's time will come.

saradi 1 year ago

Thank you! Loved the challenge in side crow! Exactly what I needed today!

donna marie 1 year ago

Couldn't quite get the peak pose, but still good to try! Thanks, Rachel.

willbewisewoman 1 year ago

I prefer a less brisk style of guidance- I did really appreciate the enthusiasm Rachel showed for the peak pose though; I think the sense of fun in that section helped me do it (side crow) for a section despite never having tried it before