After Work Revitalizer II

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Rachel's original 'After Work Revitalizer' was so popular that we decided to create part two, which is fun and lively like the first, and focuses on the neck, spine and hips.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Tfillinger 4 years ago

This is an awesome practice. Although it is short I feel like I work and stretch my body. Thank you for all you do. This website is great! I'm glad I came upon it over a year ago. I am strong and more flexible since starting a yoga practice.

Rachel Scott 4 years ago

So glad to hear you like the class! I love Doyogawithme, too, such a great range of teachers on here! :)

Tfillinger 4 years ago

I work nights so I did this practice this afternoon after I got up and it is just as great to do before work. It wakes up my muscles and gets me going!! Thanks so much for your practice, this one and all of them.

CartierBéa 4 years ago

I was so happy when I found out about this site, as I had been looking into discovering yoga, but just hadn't gotten around to it. Today, I came home from a long and busy day and tried this video and it made me feel GREAT! Thank you so much!

Rachel Scott 4 years ago

So glad that you enjoyed the sequence! It's the kind of thing I love to do at the end of the day to feel human again :) If you like this one, check out After Work Revitalizer 1, too!

ddcwpg10 4 years ago

Fantastic sequence. Great pace between poses as well.

mshe11e31 4 years ago

I am finally getting back into yoga after a very long hibernation. This was just what I needed after work. Thank you.

BeteNoireSmash 4 years ago

This was my first time giving yoga a shot. The video is wonderful! So relaxing, easy to follow and the poses weren't difficult to do as a beginner. Perfect!

Tasha806 5 years ago

I'm new to yoga but I really enjoyed this video! It was easy to follow and the poses were not too difficult for me as a beginner. It was just what I needed on a Monday evening after work, I will refer to this video often :)