After Work Revitalizer II

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Rachel's original 'After Work Revitalizer' was so popular that we decided to create part two, which is fun and lively like the first, and focuses on the neck, spine and hips.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Rachel Scott 4 years ago

Hi Tasha- so glad that you enjoyed the video. I love this kind of flow too - feels good to move after a day of work :) Happy practicing!

YogaLily7 5 years ago

I haven't done yoga since college and this was a perfect video to relax and get back into it. Wonderful video!
Thank you!

kjayne 5 years ago

I was suggested to this site by a lady that comes into work and I thought this video was good to start with because it was only 20 minutes. I feel amazing! Thank you so much! What other classes would you suggest for first timers.

Paul 5 years ago

Hi kjayne - Everything on our Beginners page in the main menu should be okay for people new to yoga. I'd suggest trying Bend & Stretch, or A Deep Release for the Hips, Hamstrings & Lower Back. Have fun!

_bekerah_ 5 years ago

I loved this class, perfect after a busy day. I feel great, thankyou!

Daisysam29 5 years ago

Thank you so much Rachel Scott! Great routine, I shall refer back to this frequently! :)

Yolochka 5 years ago

I just wanted to find some peace of mind today with nothing too intense. Rachel has a nice way of gently guiding you to a much better state of mind and body than when you started. This class is perfectly named. I wouldn't mind a longer version for those really crazy days at the office though :-)