Restoring Equilibrium

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Instructor David Procyshyn
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Perfect for seniors, beginners and tight students, this class moves slowly and deliberately through a gentle, delicious sequence of poses. Beginning and ending with a deep relaxation, David guides you through this flow effortlessly, with attention to the breath and body alignment. You will feel calm, balanced and at ease once you finish this class!

Equipment: Strap, Bolster
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Gentle Yoga


Very nice class
Orchidanica 2 weeks ago

David, I enjoyed this class very much. I love the relaxation at the beginning and the end,
And I love that I was close to the ground the whole class. Just what I needed tonight. I’ll be doing this class again.

Love This!
Annette23 2 months ago

For a high-strung person like me, the long relaxations at the beginning and end are just the thing. David, you are so good at these gentle guided meditations. And my hips really love this session, too. I like it in the morning, to calm my nervous system and set the tone for the day. Thank you!

Needed more flow at the beginning
framela 2 months ago

I am an intermediate/advanced yogi. Today I woke up stiff and sore from lack of practice over the holidays, so I wanted some gentle reintroduction. Laying on my back for 10 minutes without any warm-up was uncomfortable. I would skip most of that next time. Otherwise, good class.

Great for a day when I am
Nyamyj 11 months ago

Great for a day when I am quite stiff. Very gentle and relaxing. Glad it was a whole session on the mat.

Restoring Equilibrium
Astrid Gervais 1 year ago

I highly recommend this class by David if you are experiencing any anxiety as I 'was'! Utmost gratitude!

Thank you, David for a
bronwynhegarty 1 year ago

Thank you, David for a wonderful relaxing class. I feel well stretched.

Love how this is part of the
Kimb 1 year ago

Love how this is part of the Yoga for Runners program. Adds a really nice balance.

Wonderful relaxation and
ama1031 2 years ago

Wonderful relaxation and joint opening class!

Equilibrium for Body and Mind
Melanie Lichtinger 2 years ago

Another excellent class, relaxing, re-energizing from a quiet place, and restoring equilibrium for mind and body - thank you so much, David!
Love your classes, in nature, supporting the therapeutic effect.
Definitely a bookmark, and go-to.

Try this at the end of the day
Christine Morgan 2 years ago

This is a very gentle class, beginning with 15 minutes of relaxation. I made the mistake of doing this one in the morning and wanted to issue a fair warning: Unless you work the night shift or something, mornings are probably not the right time for this class. :)