Flow to Side Crow

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Instructor Rachel Scott
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Rachel is an expert at sequencing. In this intermediate hatha flow yoga class, she creatively prepares you for the challenging peak pose side crow (parsva bakasana). By the time you get there, your confidence and your body are more than ready to take the weight into your arms.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


By the end ...
LLove 2 months ago

By the end of this class, you have that tingly euphoric feeling that a good flow class gives you.

Was good, really ...
NatalieNZ 2 months ago

Was good, really good, but I still can’t « get » that leg to stay supported on the arm (yet).

So twisty! ...
jlphelan 2 months ago

So twisty! I loved the sequence to get into the peak pose - maybe someday!

I tend to ...
slrbennett 2 months ago

I tend to struggle with arm balances but this class helped me progress quite a bit. Thanks!

This is one ...
Emanpo 2 months ago

This is one of my favorites. I incorporate this video into my practice once every few months to see how my strength is progressing. Great short flow into the peak pose.

Woo woo
Emoir 2 months ago

I did side crow. Didn't have any expectation. Instructions were clear and a lovely flow led to side crow. Thank you.

that was fun, ...
Liss 2 months ago

that was fun, thanks:)

Excellent clear instructions. ...
DancingMetaphor 2 months ago

Excellent clear instructions. I have never been in this pose before and I'm not always good at balancing, but had a really good time with this one. Thanks for the help!