Flow to Side Crow

Rachel Scott
Hatha Yoga
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Rachel is an expert at sequencing. In this intermediate hatha flow yoga class, she creatively prepares you for the challenging peak pose side crow (parsva bakasana). By the time you get there, your confidence and your body are more than ready to take the weight into your arms.


Some very good directions for
YoyoKa 6 months ago

Some very good directions for aligning the poses, thank you! I have never shifted my self forward before coming down from the plank pose so this was a discovery. I also prefer when the teacher concentrates on giving directions for the poses and the breath only. I very often forget to breath, I wouldn't mind if you talked a bit during savasana though :) just because my mind drifts off and I forget to scan my body. I will look up more of your videos. Thank you!

Wonderful practice, Rachel,
Atraubel 10 months ago

Wonderful practice, Rachel, thank you so much! I have to tell you that one thing I appreciate the most is your lack of incessant chatter!! I know any instructor must and should give good directions through out a practice about correct positioning - I'm not talking about that. I have in mind the times in quiet positions to catch our breath or preparing or ending our practice where the instructor continues to go on and on about finding inner peace...inner light...whatever it may be....which is extremely hard to do because they keep chattering about doing it!! Thank you for your great classes!!

Rachel Scott 10 months ago

I'm so happy that you enjoyed the practice :)
Life is busy, and I also relish those quiet moments to pause and feel!!!

Beautiful practice, thank you
fitforeveralt 10 months ago

Beautiful practice, thank you! Today was my first time trying side crow and am overjoyed that, with your guidance, I was able to experience growth and success. Namaste!

Rachel Scott 10 months ago

I'm so happy to hear that the practice felt good to you!
Happy you're here :)

Short and effective
hanzade 1 year ago

I enjoy doing this flow the morning. Although I cannot do the side crow, the rest is perfect for a short sequence before starting the day. Thanks Rachel :)

Side Crow
Rachel Scott 1 year ago

Hallo, thanks for sharing, I'm glad that this little flow makes for a good AM routine :)

Incredible yoga routine
Brian Dempsey 1 year ago

One of my favorite routines on DoYogaWithMe. I often use this when I don't have much time but want to stretch out and get a workout quickly. Works all the right area! I can only hope that one day she will add a class with the tortoise as the peak pose as that pose is also an edge for me.

Oh Tortoise!
Rachel Scott 1 year ago

That's a hard pose :)! So glad that you enjoyed this flow, Brian, thanks for sharing!!

I've been looking for ways to
cirvine06 1 year ago

I've been looking for ways to practice side crow safely, as I've only recently started attempting it. I love this video- got a great stretch in and also felt ready/warmed up for side crow at the end.