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Saved For Later

Saved For Later

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  • loved it! not to strength intensive, be careful with the twists at the end

  • Perfect return to my practice.

  • Perfect for the morning

  • good for a mild headache

  • not bad for morning - woke up with a throbbing head and it didn't make it worse

  • Great class for lower back and upper hip pain (pregnancy) at the end - however a bit of on the belly work, not good for too late in pregnancy

  • great class for opening the shoulders, hips, back. Easy, careful on the twists later in pregnancy

  • Great prenatal class, short, possible with oscar

  • First full class after a year of no movement due to my knee injury and it was perfect!

  • This gave me a headache and I'm not sure why (did teh class in the afternoon and was feeling fine beforehand)

  • felt good on the hips

  • Did this one mid-migraine, it was okay. Standing up was hard, as expected, but I feel a bit better. Maybe I'll be able to sleep

  • very relaxing

  • Good morning class, minimal neck stiffness. Maybe I should try to do a sun salutation or two beforehand to try to loosen up my neck if I do this early in the morning again

  • I need to do this once every week or two to build up my core strength

  • Do some sun salutations and floor work before standing (she starts standing here)

    Also be careful if nose is weird - the first round of pranayama followed immediately by a forward fold kind of destroyed me!