Fire It Up!

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

Crista's lively energy and creative class design make yoga so enjoyable, particularly when you lie down at the end! So get ready to fire yourself up, release tight muscles and invigorate yourself through a tough power yoga class that focuses on stoking the fire within.


A little bit of everything
Kiratee 2 months ago

Thank you, Crista - another fab class sprinkled with a bit of everything, plus your usual creativity :). I loved the Pranayama too. You are such a fantastic addition to DYWM and your classes always make me smile.

bethblatt 3 months ago

I like all the twisting, some unusual stretches. It did start a bit fast, but I was already warmed up.

What a beautiful class! I was
TheYogiRD 4 months ago

What a beautiful class! I was ablee to follow along without even looking at my computer! In other online classes I've done in the past, I've had to look at what the teacher was doing in order to know what he/she was talking about. But, this was fluid and easy to follow; well done!!

amoghacs21 5 months ago

I LOVED THE CLASS. IT HAS BEEN A YEAR SINCE I DID YOGA AND I was hesitant to do this class. But I am glad I could do it because of the beautiful instructions and perhaps The flow was so interesting. I learnt many new poses and how my body felt with them, Thank you so much

My favorite so far!
Kimaschaefer 7 months ago

I loved the intensity and the way she mixed it up so that it was not difficult to keep up.

Quick start
TMWheelock 7 months ago

I'm not used to classes starting this fast without a warm up. Moving into pigeon four minutes in is kind of intense...

This was absolutely profound!
vinyasaspirit (not verified) 7 months ago

This was absolutely profound!!

Perfectly what I needed.
athingso 7 months ago

Perfectly what I needed. Strength and floor, continued flow. Also: first headstand!

Very good class
nannciem 7 months ago

I always love the fact that Crista give so many options for each asanas, mix so well all the postures and different king of breathing and in this one, there is also a short meditation at the end.
So, I guess, I could call it a perfect yoga class! ;)

cgolembuski 7 months ago

Enjoyed this class. I can't quite do all the parts yet but look forward to trying again.