Postnatal Back to the Mat

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Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga
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Yoga after a baby takes particular care and attention. Fiji teaches this class only two months after having her own baby girl, supporting you throughout the class with her new motherhood and the depth of her knowledge and experience. Remember to honor what your body is telling you, particularly if this is your first yoga class after giving birth.


My Baby is 15 years young and this is still a great class
chopper 2 months ago

Figi Figi Figi you are just fabulous. I have a nasty cold so I wanted a gentle class. This one was perfect , 15 years later I am still trying to open up that pelvic floor!
tw Oakville

Thank you!
Ziegenherz 5 months ago

FIrst yoga class one week after giving birth to my beautiful little son and perfect to very gently start moving/feeling my body again. I will repeat this class for a little while, until I really feel up to more.
I do not only loved the selected poses, but also really appreciated the gentle and slow pace, that allowed me to carefully listen to this changed body, after my fourth (and not so easy-going) pregnancy.
Thank you Fiji and Doyogawithme!

So wonderful!
tessahanson11 1 year ago

I loved this class! I gave birth to my son one week ago and this felt absolutely perfect. Gentle and yet a little challenging. Thank you Fiji!

Amazing class
PatriciaPanasri 1 year ago

I absolutely love this class. I'm already 4 months postpartum but I didn't feel confident enough to do yoga because I couldn't find a class that was soft enough to start with due to some instabilities in my pelvic floor. This was just right for me. Thank you!! Can't wait to build up some strength and move on to the postnatal flow!

Great class!
ctherowland 2 years ago

Love this video! I'm six weeks postpartum and it's making me feel stronger every day. I practiced yoga up to 40 weeks but felt out of whack and unstable in my core after giving birth to my daughter. This video is great and is helping to remind me that taking care to practice gentle yoga will get me back to where I was in good time. Thanks Fiji!

I loved Fiji before my
code3chica 2 years ago

I loved Fiji before my pregnancy, and was SO happy to find she had done a postnatal video (or 2)! I really love how she guides you to listen to and reconnect with our bodies. It's very easy to forget what an amazing thing we have done over the past 9 months, and we forget to be kind and gentle with our recovering selves. Thank you for this awesome return to practice!

Thank you!
phung 2 years ago

This is fantastic. I will definitely return to this class!

Postnatal flow video
Li Ling 2 years ago

Thanks for this video, Fiji! I've been looking for a good postnatal yoga routine and I'm so glad you've done one since I've been doing your multilevel morning flow for years.

You mentioned that once we're comfortable following this routine, we can move on to a postnatal flow. Has a video been uploaded for a postnatal flow yet? I would love to be able to follow your postnatal flow. Thanks!

Fiji's Postnatal Flow
David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback, Li Ling.

Yes, she's mentions a class that you can move onto after this one, called Postnatal Flow. We will have that one up on the site within the next two weeks. You will see it on the homepage when it's ready and we'll make an announcement through social media as well.

Warm regards,

David Founder

We never did a boat pose in the class
Monroe333 2 years ago

The class is really sweet. The boat pose photo in the title shot is a little misleading. There weren't any poses like that in this class.