Postnatal Back to the Mat

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Yoga after a baby takes particular care and attention. Fiji teaches this class only two months after having her own baby girl, supporting you throughout the class with her new motherhood and the depth of her knowledge and experience. Remember to honor what your body is telling you, particularly if this is your first yoga class after giving birth.

Equipment: None
Style: Postnatal Yoga


Amyelizz 1 year ago

A kind, gentle session that allowed me to start appropriately easing back into my yoga practice. I feel wonderful. Thank you. <3

chelseah 1 year ago

Just wondering if this was posted on this page in error -- it seems to be the same class as the Postnatal Flow? Would love to see the Back to the Mat class as well! Thank you!

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Yes, not sure how that happened, but you are correct. It has been fixed. Thanks for pointing that out!

mantreh 1 year ago

This class is amaaaazing! I'm 3 months postpartum but still can't do up-dog and cobra because of my c-section scar tissue...slowly I'll get there. In the meantime, is there a variation during that flow? Thank you.

kate griffin 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this wonderful class! I practiced with Figi all through my pregnancy and it was wonderful to get back to the mat with her after five weeks of resting and recovering with my little one. I found the class just challenging enough but also gentle for my first time back. Many thanks ~kate

Ruthie 916 2 years ago

5 weeks postpartum and this is truly the first time I have felt strong, and somewhat "normal" again. Thank you so much for this gentle, yet empowering practice.

leelauramay@gma... 2 years ago

Fiji - thank you for these beautiful prenatal and postnatal classes - this one and especially the flow. Please, if you can, would love more and even longer flows (like you have for the prenatal), if possible. They are so integral to recovering post baby and getting back into the practice. Thank you again!

genevieve9 2 years ago

I am 6 weeks postpartum after an emergency C section and just got cleared by my doctor to exercise. This video was completely appropriate for where I am physically. I was surprised by the things I could do AND the things I could *not* do, so if you're recovering from a C section and would like to be extra cautious, wait to get clearance from your doctor to exercise before trying this out. Huge thanks to Fiji for an excellent, thoughtful postnatal routine.

chopper 2 years ago

Figi Figi Figi you are just fabulous. I have a nasty cold so I wanted a gentle class. This one was perfect , 15 years later I am still trying to open up that pelvic floor!
tw Oakville