Vinyasa Yoga for Better Sleep


Aaaahhhh.....good nite
nadomom 1 month ago

So calming and relaxing. Better than herbal tea. Thank you.

Yesterday night I had
danielanz 1 month ago

Yesterday night I had insomnia and I wasn’t able to sleep until 2am ...I found this class and did it at a light of a candle and I could sleep right away. Thank you.

Good for back pain too
LaGuiri 2 months ago

For the last few weeks I've gone to bed with some pain between my shoulder blades that got worse when I woke up. It's bad enough to make it hard to fall asleep. I've tried several of the shorter videos in the website and yesterday it was turn for this. It was enjoyable, ocasionally a little too difficult for me, but overall fine. Initially I didn't notice any difference in my aches but I've woken up painless and refreshed. A success!

First time doing a Kinshasa
greenthum66 12 months ago

First time doing a Kinshasa class. Loved it. I will looking for more. This was perfect for winding down.

Just before bed. Wonderful
juneonthemoon 1 year ago

Just before bed. Wonderful sequence, so peaceful, and a great length for me. This was well needed!

Just right for bedtime.
PeacefulRN 1 year ago

Perfect way to unwind after spending too much time staring at a computer screen. Gentle and relaxing with just the right amount of stretch. Thank you

The background music is
denaj707 1 year ago

The background music is perfect. I used this class between the end of the work day and preparing dinner. Not quite ready for bed but ready to relax and transition to quiet home time.

Thank You
yogemini 1 year ago

This was wonderful. I would love to see a longer one in addition to it. This 18 minute version is perfect when you're crunched for sleep time :)