Yoga for Inner Strength

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Instructor Melissa Krieger
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Melissa begins with core activation, helping you understand and engage the pelvic floor, then teaches you how to incorporate it into a hatha yoga class. It's crucial for stabilizing, protecting and strengthening your lower back and ensuring that you are using your body in a safe, efficient and optimal way.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Strength


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Maralepp 10 months ago

This class was so perfect. I've had trouble engaging my pelvic floor muscles since having an emergency cesarean birth 18 years ago! I will bookmark this class and return to it again and again, and I look forward to incorporating these skills into my practice. Thank you so much! Namaste.

Love this class!
Gaynor Walters 10 months ago

Thank you Melissa I love this class and in fact all of your classes! The instruction is wonderful your tone politeness everything about your teaching. Many many thanks!!!

Thank you
ngrace 11 months ago

Excellent class as usual Melissa. Thanks so much. Very helpful info.

This was so helpful for me.
Nyamyj 12 months ago

This was so helpful for me. You made it easy for me to understand just how to activate the core. I just was not doing it properly until this class. This can be overlooked and it is so important and it certainly made balancing a breeze for me. Melissa, thank you. I enjoy your calm, smoothe presentation. The music is beautiful too.

Thank you for your guidance
katielee23 1 year ago

That was lovely, Melissa. It was a great way to be reminded of my pelvic floor.
I'm going to get my man to do this class with me - so he can 'get it' from the male perspective too. The men need to know for themselves!

pamela1951 1 year ago

What a nice gentle practice for a snowy Sunday afternoon. I loved it, feeling great!!

Good Class
Mozie 1 year ago

Thank you, look forward to incorporating this instruction mindfully into my daily practice and sharing it with my class.

Great class!
RocioBelen 1 year ago

Thank you so much for always taking the time to explain what we┬┤re doing, and why is it important. I love Melissa's classes

This is very soothing and
CristinaAurelia 1 year ago

This is very soothing and grounding. It's perfect for this Monday morning just before my 10 K walk. Bless you, Melissa, for your kind energy and wise instruction. :)

Love this one
luannmcvey 2 years ago

Like many women, I need that deep core connection to assist with pelvic stability, especially in asymmetrical poses. This gentle practice reminds me of how steady and balanced I am when my pelvic floor and transverse abdominals are engaged. Thank you, Melissa, for such skilled instruction and your calm, soothing voice.