Vinyasa Yoga: Focus On Twists

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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This is a more gentle vinyasa style yoga class with a focus on using your breath and core to get you into your seated, standing and lunging poses. It's intended to slow you down and allow you to give more attention to your poses, with an emphasis on twists.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Hayley81 3 months ago

Thank you Melissa. I always love your classes and I'm delighted there is now a vinyasa in your collection. Thank you for the quiet stillness in the holds alongside the gentle instruction.

lologm 4 months ago

I sometimes lose balance on some twists, this class was great at helping me remedy that get more focus on my core. Thank you!

PeacefulRN 5 months ago

Peaceful class - just what I needed today. Enough challenge for an intermediate yogi with poses held long enough to focus on sensations and breath. I appreciate Melissa's calm instructions and gentle delivery. Thank you!

ljh101 5 months ago

Very nice intermediate practice; perfect for after my bike ride. Loved the tip to "be heavy in the legs but light in the arms" while transitioning from lunge to crescent pose. Thank you!

Kitkatkatey 5 months ago

I always love Melissa's classes and this one is no exception.

Thank you.

birdnthesky 5 months ago

I loved this class. I seem to get more out of the slowed down classes rather than the fast paced classes that don't hold poses as long. Really enjoyed this one.

LLove 5 months ago

Melissa always leads a wonderful class. Her joyful presence and mindful pacing allow for deep release. Her focus on the "deep core" is a doorway to inner strength.

Libris_46 5 months ago

A lovely slower class that really lets you focus on breath is much appreciated - as is the options for poses, thankyou