Strengthen and Lengthen

Hatha Yoga
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This class is a sweet flow that is on the light side of intermediate. With Anastasia's lovely style and clear and calm guidance, she moves you through a class that will help with spinal health, overall strength and will leave you feeling great!


Perfect blend...
Melanie Lichtinger 1 month ago

... of gentle and clear, of strengthening, stretching and softening. Amazing 'simple' process in 30 min. Stretching and core strength are so important for me since I'm tall, and working in a sitting position. Loved the initial body awareness as a foundation, the pace, the counterposes, and your voice and guidance, Anastasia!
A great start into the morning. Can see myself doing it often, any time of day... 'simply' as a desk break.
Thank you so much, Anastasia, for adding this one!
Loved the oceanic background (Cordova Bay?) too.
Much Love,

Re: Perfect Blend
David Procyshyn 1 month ago

Thanks, Melanie. Yes, that certainly is Cordova Bay! We found a little rocky spot that was sheltered for that day's filming session.

Brilliant class ,,, loved it!
Samzki 1 month ago

Brilliant class ,,, loved it!

It is definitely more 3 months ago

It is definitely more beginner than intermediate and very slow. I did not love the sequencing either.

Morning strech!!!
katie_simpson 5 months ago

Beautiful morning class, gentle but strong. Very impressed and ready to start my day.
Thank you

Thank you
pjd1954 7 months ago

Thank you Anastasia! Another great class! I think Anastasia is a very good teacher because she conducts her classes slowly.

Perfect for bedtime
Jmait7 10 months ago

This is a lovely class. Perfect for before bed.

Peaceful Practice
Aliemarie 12 months ago

You are simply lovely Anastasia, and your teaching style is beautiful.

Thanks.. Calming class for my
Tlboyce 1 year ago

Thanks.. Calming class for my bed time.. Namaste