Strengthen and Lengthen

Anastasia Hangemanole
Instructor Anastasia Hangemanole
Average: 4.4 (263 votes)
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This class is a sweet flow that is on the light side of intermediate. With Anastasia's lovely style and clear and calm guidance, she moves you through a class that will help with spinal health, overall strength and will leave you feeling great!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Ciloo 1 month ago

Thank you thank you Anastasia! I needed just that class to get back in my body <3

Rubiés-Mirabet 3 months ago

I have done this class several times, and every time gets better. The pace is perfect, a slow flow with some moments of stillness. Some of the postures can be a bit challenging, but not extenuating. I recommend it strongly. And thank you, Anastasia, for your excellent teaching! Namaste!

jwebe1 6 months ago

This was a lovely yoga session for the morning. Just the right length of time and a great sequence of flow poses for my back.

Hsiaolingdawson 12 months ago

I enjoyed this class very much. It is gentle yet challenging from time to time. Is this something I can do just before bedtime? I am looking for something I can do in the evening after all chores are done, and just before bedtime. And suggestion would be appreciate!!

David Procyshyn 11 months ago

Hi there.
Thanks for the kind words.
In terms of classes appropriate for bedtime, it would depend on a number of factors, including what style you like, what you are looking to do, the duration, etc. I would also recommend using the filters on our Yoga Classes page to narrow your choices down.

I have been doing classes for a couple years now. However, I find this class awesome after my morning run. Greta work, thanks Scott :)

doktobob 1 year ago

I really really like that class: Great exercises and clear intructions. One of my favourite classes.