Power Yoga for Shoulder Stability

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (158 votes)
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In this power yoga class, Fiji puts together a brilliant flow that shows you how to create the power and flexibility that you need for a forearm balance. She is calm and precise in her explanations, giving this class a focus and meditative flow that is unique and deeply fulfilling.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


edc23 7 months ago

Fiji does it again! After sustaining shoulder injuries years ago this class helped me breath into and also challenge my shoulder strength in a safe and very effective way. You are amazing!

kmeggs 11 months ago

Loooved this one! I'm a huge fan of Fiji's classes, but this one really felt different and fresh. I'm excited to revisit because I know it will lead to measurable results !

thekchog palma 1 year ago

What a wonderful class! I feel revitalized and joyful after doing this. I'm carrying two small kids around, and still nursing one, so I really needed some work on my shoulders. Between amazing classes like this and the pilates series I have been following, DYWM has been a huge support in recovering my strength post-partum, especially during the pandemic the globe has been experiencing. Thank you SO much, DYWM community!

Fenway88 1 year ago

This was just what I needed today. Thank you, Fiji, and the DYWM team.

Starfishcove 1 year ago

This is such a good class - it’s not just about shoulders, not just about strength; it provides some really effective stretches I’ve never seen before, and includes a lot of leg and core work. It’s a well balanced practice that strengthens and stretches the whole body.

kezaroid 1 year ago

My dream is to be able to support myself on my shoulders. I will have to do this practice everyday to allow myself to let go. I cannot relax into the practice , my anxiety to let go is too strong. I will not give up. I will keep practicing . Thank you Fiji!

duroc017 1 year ago

This class is very challenging due to some long holds on the legs and arms. My arms are crying out from the effort, but I think that's probably a good sign. I would say this one is very, very effective for building strength and endurance. I need to come back to this one more often.

ag329 2 years ago

oh my goodness, this was good stuff! surprised myself by supporting while inverted! Fiji delivers, as always, a fabulous and CLEAR practice. thank you!! <3

nadonado 2 years ago

This class challenges me. I need to work on my shoulders. Thank you Fiji.

n.hartmann 2 years ago

So good. Lots to practice. I have found areas I suspected were tight, but hadn't been so near them as to feel the freedom I will find in their realease. Love this! Thanks so much!!