Power Yoga for Shoulder Stability

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (134 votes)
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In this power yoga class, Fiji puts together a brilliant flow that shows you how to create the power and flexibility that you need for a forearm balance. She is calm and precise in her explanations, giving this class a focus and meditative flow that is unique and deeply fulfilling.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Kiratee 4 years ago

Another excellent class. Fiji’s instruction is detailed but never superfluous and I always learn something new with her. Thank you so much!

ortrudes 4 years ago

This was fantastic. Great lessons. Great practice. Fiji is a wonderful teacher.

belladonna_in 4 years ago

i really love to practice yoga with fiji. her instructions are very clear and she helps me to stay with myself. thanks a lot for one more great video!!

muzicgurlk 4 years ago

Thank you for this. For the first time in a half decade, my left shoulder isn't snapping when I roll it!

claforest 4 years ago

I like Fiji's classes but she does way to much talking in this one and not enough yoga

Erick Melendez 4 years ago

Fiji is by far my favorite teacher from doyogawithme. She has helped me conquer fears and improve my practice in many ways. This class is challenging but with her guidance everything seems to flow a lot easier.

crepuscule3142 (not verified) 5 years ago

Fantastic practice for body and mind. Nothing else to say except thanks Fiji!

katastrofe 5 years ago

this video was fantastic! i tried a forearm stand before and felt extremely unstable and like my shoulders couldnt support me. your video helped me get into a forearm stand confidently for the first time. i did use a wall for balance until i could figure out which core and back muscles to use but i felt like it was a success overall!

alexagk 5 years ago

this video really improved my shoulderstand, with technique and confidence-boosting tips. I really enjoyed it as well. Thanks so much, Fiji!