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I discovered yoga during high school, when one of my friends invited me to a yoga class.

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I discovered yoga during high school, when one of my friends invited me to a yoga class. While I found the class really challenging, as I was not very flexible or athletic at the time, it also felt like a very comfortable thing for me, like coming home. I purchased a two week unlimited pass that day and just immersed myself in the practice. A couple months later, I did my teacher training and the rest is history! I completed my 200 hour training with Yyoga’s teacher college in Vancouver. While I draw from many different lineages, the majority and foundational training comes from Vinyasa and Vijnana lineages. Rachel Scott, Anila Lacroix, Kristin Campbell, and Kelly Colleen from Vancouver all played major roles in my early education. Since I started teaching, I have also become a physiotherapist, and my education and practice as a therapist inform my teaching - I apply anatomical and biomechanical concepts to add depth to my practices. I teach anatomy-focused classes that inspire beautiful movement. My intention is to encourage my students to find both freedom and strength in their bodies. Many of my students say that I use colourful cues and interesting language in my classes, so I guess if you’re into that you should give one of my classes a try! Yoga has taught me the value of stillness and slowing things down, as well as consistency and persistence. I think these values have all shown up in and improved my personal and professional life.
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