Fundamentals of Practice Day 1

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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In this class, Rachel guides you in setting up your foundation, teaching you how to place and activate your feet and hands to stabilize and support your yoga practice. This class can either be done as a stand-alone or as part of Rachel's 7-Day Fundamentals of Practice Yoga Challenge.

Equipment: Block
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


Joanna24 1 month ago

Amazing teaching style. I have been doing yoga for years and learned some new things today

mccannjl 1 month ago

Great instruction but had a few too many forward folds for me!

bnbassam 2 months ago

Thank you Rachel - I haven't done proper movement in a while and this was challengingly refreshing.

kimchi 2 months ago

Great alignment tips. My hamstrings are super tight so half hanuman has always been a challenge!

sakam 2 months ago

thanks a lot for the great descriptions and easing us into just the right poses! i enjoyed it a lot

rowercp 3 months ago

I used to do a lot of yoga - but I am very competitive person and created some low back and neck problems by forcing myself into poses my hips cannot do (I have very inflexible and shallow hips, but have always had a very strong back.) I am working to get back into it, but trying very hard to figure out what the pose should be for me given the inflexibility of my hips and the position of my hips and knees (both roll in.)
I have had some starts and stops over the past month, and just did this practice. I loved it. I felt very calm and focused during the practice while being able to give some real thought to body position. Thanks Rachel for this - I look forward to the rest of this series!!

namastacey 4 months ago

Thanks Rachel! I am restarting yoga again with your challenge after many years (and several extra pounds). One problem I have is a bone bruise on my left knee (exterior) so I have to modify child pose if you can believe it, but so far I'm able to do most everything..

Looking forward to the next 6 days!

EmBe 4 months ago

Although I've been doing yoga for a while, I learned many little details in this class. Rachel has done an excellent job of showing and explaining the fundamentals. I feel this class (and series) will enhance my future practices. It is a class I will definitely come back to. I purchased and downloaded this class and hope to download the rest of this challenge series. I hope I don't have as many problems with the download process, but that's a subject for another post.