Creating Internal Lightness

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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In this all levels hour long flow class, you will explore how the elusive mula bandha can be practiced and incorporated into all the poses of your yoga practice. Not only will practicing mula bandha help to create lightness and ease in your yoga practice, learning to access and tone the pelvic floor will also support your functionality in daily life.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga


mjtetrick 2 years ago

Very challenging class. Will definitely revisit, as this is an area I do not feel I have fully grasped, but am a step closer thanks to Rachel's class.

Csteele21 2 years ago

Hard class today after a 6 mile run, but good for IT bands

jboydstun 2 years ago

Great class and reminder to include the lightness in all practices. Thank you Rachel. Namaste.

kerskine 2 years ago

This hour long class had wonderful flow. The slow movement was a delightful challenge.

Majcom 2 years ago

Thank you Rachel. Wonderful class, not sure how to spell mula bunda....but I found it!!! Namaste!

JennS 2 years ago

I’ve done this class a few times before, and it’s an excellent one to revisit for it’s precise guidance on alignment. Jumping forward is challenging for me and Rachel’s instructions help me to do it with a little more gracefulness.

saradi 2 years ago

Great class! It was hard to tap the back of the hands with the toes! Thank you!