Creating Internal Lightness

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
Average: 4.7 (220 votes)
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In this all levels hour long flow class, you will explore how the elusive mula bandha can be practiced and incorporated into all the poses of your yoga practice. Not only will practicing mula bandha help to create lightness and ease in your yoga practice, learning to access and tone the pelvic floor will also support your functionality in daily life.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga


spiderlilz 2 years ago

I thought this class was interesting. It was very strange to incorporate the pelvic floor into things and proved to be challenging. I've never tried to do this before and spent a lot of the time wondering if I was doing it right. It was very interesting though.

dficorilli 2 years ago

Really liked the lift I got from this class. Felt more connected. THank you!

Maves37 2 years ago

Great pelvic work, it did seem a little more like conditioning when I am typically looking for more of a flow class.

sheppard5507 2 years ago

Beautiful, detailed instruction by Rachel. I'm loving this challenge and I am feeling stronger and a lot of concepts are starting to come together in my mind. Thank you David and all the teachers for this awesome website!

hfortune 2 years ago

Very challenging to go slow like this, but great refresher on form!

ariellerambo 2 years ago

DYWM must have read my mind-- I woke up this morning feeling like I needed a reset and this practice did just that. My entire body feels lengthened and relaxed, I even feel a bit taller. Thank you for this incredible practice I will be returning to often.

deborahcb 2 years ago

I found this class really hard and empowering too. It took so much focus to hold my pelvic floor, squeeze my thighs and also do the rest of the pose. As usual, you gave such thorough guidance. It didn't look like much was happening compared to bigger poses, yet the inner body work was incredible. I can hop to the front of my mat, but I don't think I've ever done it as lightly as I did with your instruction.