Challenge Your Body: A Beginner's Level II Class

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
Average: 4.6 (239 votes)
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If you are a beginner and would like a class that is more challenging, this one is perfect for you. This Hatha yoga class takes you through a series of challenging stretches and poses, safely and gradually.

Equipment: Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Back Care


clarry 7 years ago

Gentle but challenging enough. Nice openers for shoulders, and nice relaxation at end focusing on releasing an area of tension.


Kelly327 7 years ago

Thank you so much another inspiring class from your site. I highly recommend this class for beginners who need a little more of a challenge.

rml244 7 years ago

I love David's classes to open my shoulders. This is a nice gentle, slightly invigorating class.

bete0noire 7 years ago

I have constant tension in my shoulders and upper back (especially right under and between the shoulder blades). The upper body stretches in this video felt amazing, a marked relief to the pain which lasted the rest of the evening. I've had problems in the bast with certain flows/sequences agitating my upper back pain/tension, so it's always a sort of gamble for me each time I try a new video/class/routine. I loved not having to take child's pose or a modified pose, helped me focus and really feel that deep relaxation at the end. The pace was smooth and gentle, but not so slow as to get bored or for your mind to wander - body felt "activated" the whole time.

Becca Mae 7 years ago

This was a beautiful class for a beginner. I bookmarked it and I will definitely be doing it again. Namaste.

bizarrett81 7 years ago

excellent video. perfect for a slow return to yoga after having a baby. thank you

rcaruso03 8 years ago

Nice! A bit neck & shoulder-ee in the beginning for me but than a sweet hip & back release at the end

NiChristi 8 years ago

I'm not a new Yogi, I just haven't done it in awhile. This sequence is perfect for getting back into the swing of things. Thanks!

irotevoli 8 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am a huge fan of your teaching style and your website. Namaste, Tiffany.

peacewithinme 8 years ago

I watch the classes through my laptop, which can be a challenge to follow the movements from standing to seating. David did an excellent job explaining the poses, so I didn't have to interrupt the flow to adjust where my computer was. It was easy for me to follow what he was saying. It was very good for a beginner learning the poses. I feel like my muscles are relaxed and opening up.
The only thing that was difficult for me was the end in Savasana. I didn't have enough time to concentrate/meditate on a spot between the talk through. I don't think I had a tight spot, but I was trying to focus on one of the many sensations I was feeling. I kept trying to focus on a spot, but I was distracted by the coaching. That could just be me though as my mind does like to wander sometimes. Perhaps on future videos, allow a slightly longer pause initially to allow the mind to sink into awareness, then coach through to dig deeper into that awareness.

Overall, it was excellently put together! Thank you.