Challenge Your Body: A Beginner's Level II Class

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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If you are a beginner and would like a class that is more challenging, this one is perfect for you. This Hatha yoga class takes you through a series of challenging stretches and poses, safely and gradually.

Equipment: Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Back Care


Lilypea 6 years ago

Very relaxing but strong practice. I feel new and refreshed. Thanks David!

tinksweeney 6 years ago

Thank you for such a nice stretching, good poses and a relaxing shavasana class. I have been healing an injured SI joint since Jan of 2013 and little by little getting back into full yoga classes. This was perfect! Thanks for this wonderful website with so many wonderful classes to choose from.

chipwap 6 years ago

I love the sun salutations in this video. Perfect level for me since I have some yoga skills, but health issues forced me out for a few years. This was a perfect video to get the blood flowing and do some great stretches, too.

newyogi60 6 years ago

thanks David....i love your class!! I am a complete beginner who has been doing yoga at home for 2 - 3 months now, your video pushed me a little, made me proud of where i am, and thankful for this website.

With your help im praying my physical ailments along with the stress of everyday, get less and less. i have massive muscle spasms in my upper shoulders and neck, feels as if my shoulders are always way past my ears and rigid as heck.

A new work in progress....Namaste

btm013 6 years ago

I really enjoyed this class. David's instructions were spot on. I found it was very easy to follow and I got a great workout in. The positions weren't overly challenging - perfect for a beginner. Thanks so much for this website!

RoxL 6 years ago

Great balance between relaxation and strengthening and so easy to follow. Didn't feel like 50 minutes ! As always, David's classes are amazing !

aimeceleste 6 years ago

...I only liked this one. I felt the beginning part was too repetitive, but by the end I was happy with the progression and choice of poses. I feel nice & stretched, and gently challenged. There were lots of good twists there for a while that felt really good!

jackrabbit 7 years ago

I created an account to praise this video. David's instruction is excellent. He leads you through poses smoothly and with simple, precise instruction. He also knows where to note that one might be compressing the spine or otherwise putting excessive strain on the body and to suggest those small physical movements to correct the posture. Very much appreciated as someone returning to yoga after a long hiatus.

mich.roy 7 years ago

Such a nice, relaxing yet challenging class for me as a beginner. I loved it and will definitely be doing this class again. Thank you David!

sgbarber87 7 years ago

Thank you David for this wonderful video! The verbal instruction was spot on and overall 5 stars! I feel transformed!