14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day One

Intermediate II

Day one of the 14-Day Yoga Challenge is the perfect way to start. Fiji's pace is manageable for anyone, giving you time to transition and prepare for each pose, particularly the deeper stretches and the foot balances. The vinyasa flow is easy to follow and very satisfying, and the class finishes with floor twists, hip and lower back openers and a sweet savasana. Click here to go to Day Two.



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October 1, 2021
Fivestar Rating:

Great practice. Relaxing, but I could do without the music. Can you please set these with optional music track? Otherwise, really perfect sequence.

September 14, 2020

Amzing class, and amazing teacher I think I can follow you without having to always peep through the screen. I absolutely love that, because it also allows me to pay attention to my breathing and make sure that I listen to you and it automatically helps with the technique.
Than k you for your light

May 24, 2020

SUCH a great class, not just physically but psychologically- about letting go, making space for the new. Thank you Fiji!

May 24, 2020

This class was great! Slow enough to give time to learn those new poses and transitions (and also build strength... and a little sweat!), but blended into such a nice flow. It’s exactly the level i was looking for to challenge me into some harder intermediate stuff without going too fast and getting injured. I’m really looking forward to these two weeks! :-)

April 15, 2020

Thank you Fiji- you're classes always seem just out of my skill level but this class I was proud to at least "keep up"!
I enjoy your pace and imagery throughout this class. Even if it isn't fall when I'm practicing it, the tree imagery was uplifting and helped me focus wile releasing instead of grasping.

Thanks again: for sharing this class and yourself as well!

April 10, 2020

Awesome thank you Fiji .. and loving some kind, gentle female company during lockdown. Lovely practice and so appreciate all your wise words and instructions. Thank you :) xx

April 4, 2020

So happy to start up my practice again, so grounding during these uncertain times. Fiji's gentle pace with fluid movement makes Yoga practice very approachable , I'm so looking forward to this 14 day challenge, thank you Fiji!!

March 23, 2020

Thank you for this class! I was missing regular yoga practice and struggling to get back into it after a long hiatus. This 14 day challenge is a lovely goal for the next couple of home bound weeks. Looking forward to tomorrow!

March 19, 2020

Greetings Fiji and DYWM. Thank you so much for your generosity during these CV home-bound times. I’ve always done yoga at a club, never at home nor alone. I just finished the session and loved it. Fiji, you have a wonderful flow and tone. I really like your ability to connect movement, breath, and purpose.
I’m looking forward to the rest of this challenge and other classes afterwards. I may be converting to a home practitioner after all this subsides! Thanks DYWM for caring about the greater community. I’ll definitely pass along a recommendation to friends. Cheers - Barry

November 23, 2019

I am also revisiting this and actually have an opportunity to manage it in 14 days this time! I enjoy the day to day variation of the course.
However I always struggle moving from downward facing dog to stepping/hopping between the toes as my feet don't come forward far enough (hopping sometimes better than stepping). I am a runner/cyclist so have fairly strong legs, suspect it may be a flexibiity or balance issue. I can use a hand to pull my foot forward! Any tips please?

Fiji McAlpine
November 23, 2019

Hi Rosie,

Those of us who are athletic often struggle with tight hamstrings, stepping forward would be impacted by this of course! One trick you can use is this: After stepping forward with one foot wiggle your back foot side to side a few times to edge it backwards. This will give you the distance needed between your feet in a high lung position, then focus on easing your hips lower. Hope this helps!


September 2, 2019

I am revisiting this 14-day challenge after recently completing Fiji's newest 14-day challenge. I really enjoyed this practice, it has a lot of everything from side plank to standing balances to pigeon pose, and has a nice steady pace. Feeling great now!

July 16, 2019

Excellent class. Love Fiji's clear instructions.

July 12, 2019

I am so appreciative to be able to access your classes from Texas.

It is painful to sit on my feet and ankles--do you have any suggestions?

July 10, 2019

Such a wonderful class and I liked doing this series 8 months ago, so I am challenging myself again with this series!! Fiji is such an amazing instructor!! Namaste

February 21, 2019

Thank you. I decided to do this challenge on a whim and I’m am so grateful I did.
Training for a couple ultras has me doing massive amounts of running sprinkled with hiit workouts and man, somestmes it just leaves me feeling drained. I needed a physical and mental break. I felt like this gave the stabilizing muscles in my core and hips some much needed attention and the stretches were hitting exactly the right spots. Talk to me, pigeon! I love the way Fiji talks you through the flow, I find it calming and encouraging. Anyway, I feel more aligned and happier after doing this class. Thank you so much for this incredible resource, I’m excited to do the next 13 days!

January 31, 2019

we keep coming back to this challenge because of how refreshing it is

January 18, 2019

Feeling a bit wobbly this January and yesterday when I asked myself what I needed to support myself, the answer came... I need a more vigorous practice and I need Fiji! This series is perfect. Thank you for having my back (again). I feel better already xx

January 3, 2019

Great class! Just what I needed to get into yoga again after a long pause. Namaste.

November 19, 2018

Thanks for the free challenge!!!
I've always shied away from those since i already felt tired looking at all the upcoming practice hours (LOL).
This looks like a great intro, and #fijimc has always been a favourite...
great first class,

November 4, 2018

This was just what I needed struggling a busy schedule with job and study. I tend to skip classes thinking I am too busy but once I start up again I realise that practicing yoga brings me peace of mind and renewed energy to move forward! Thank you Fiji for your wonderful classes and clear guidance, love from Holland

October 26, 2018

Thank you for a wonderful class. Like some others, I'm working my way back to yoga after a while away from it. At the 25 min mark, I found myself considering pausing it there but decided to stay with it and just seeing what happened. Again, thank you!

T L Cooper
October 2, 2018

I looked at the length of this routine yesterday and immediately thought I can't do a routine that long. I've been working my way back to longer routines after recovering from a shoulder injury and this was the first one I'd done longer than 43 minutes. I've felt a bit stuck in the 25-40 minute length for quite a while. Yet, I worked through this one with relative ease though I did find it challenging and had a couple of moments where I wasn't sure I could continue. I decided to breathe through those moments and see what happened! Fiji inspired confidence in the way she guides you through the poses always focusing on safety!

September 20, 2018

As someone who is getting back into practicing, this was stimulating class with a nice balance of fire and release.

August 16, 2018

Thank you fiji for this class I can't wait to complete the challenge. Your sequence is always special and full of fun energy with a Calm voice.

July 19, 2018

Unique sequencing and a good pace to allow for time to move into the poses. Enough challenge to make me work a bit, but nothing felt forced or "too much". Thank you!

March 12, 2018

A lovely well-rounded flow with stretches, folds, twists and balances - a great way to start this 14-day journey! Thank you Fiji for your clear instructions and calm voice

February 3, 2018

This was one of the best classes I've ever taken! Such wonderful poses, guidance, and attention to the breath and body. Loved this class!

January 29, 2018

Having been away from practice for waaayyyyy too long and abstaining from self care from waaaayy too long this practice was challenging and rewarding all in one.....the chavanasa and your final words about growing hit the heart and I am ready. I look forward to completing this adventure with you! Amazing video....Namaste xo

January 28, 2018

One of my favourites. Perfect for getting the blood flowing and joints moving the day after some heavier strength training. Thanks Fiji! Looking forward to the rest in this series!

January 9, 2018

Perfect practice to kick off the year, with a full body workout and stretch! As usual, all of Fiji’s classes are fantastic. I can’t wait to see how i feel by the end of these 14 days.

Zeynep Nalan Usta
December 31, 2017

I really enjoyed the class and it was far enough encouraging one to turn back on to the yoga mat after a while. Fiji doesn't let anyone to get bored on the mat. Am I the only one being surprised how she can talk simultaneously while performing even the hardest poses :) thanks Fiji :*:*

December 16, 2017

There is nothing like this fourteen day challenge to start me off on my holidays! Great practice, Fiji! See you tomorrow for Day 2!

November 2, 2017

I found Fiji through the Transform your Life Challenge, and she always teaches amazing classes. Thank you, Fiji!

September 5, 2017

This class is 5 stars!!! I accidentally picked 4 stars and it won't let me change my rating.

August 20, 2017

I love Fiji's strong encouragement. This first session of the 14 day challenge is a great motivator to complete the series. Thank You Fiji.

July 28, 2017

Nice flow with new transitions for me and some depth. Thanks Fiji, your teaching is so clear that there's no need to look at the screen much, I can just follow your guidance.


July 17, 2017

Thanks Fiji. Another great class. Really enjoy the breathing queues.