14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Two

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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In day two, Fiji takes time with each yoga pose to ensure that you are doing them properly, as you progress through the fourteen days. Slowing down the vinyasa flow, spending more time in poses like plank, chaturanga, trikonasana and bridge pose allows her to cue the muscles that should be active, creating a more solid pose and preventing injury. Click here to go to Day Three.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


acmason 3 months ago

Great class on the fundamentals Fiji, thank you. One thing I always have a problem with is I can't get a good visual or muscle memory feel for tucking the tailbone, possibly because I have a neutral pelvic tilt anyways. When the instructor says tuck the tailbone (which many seem to in standing or table top poses) are there some other muscle groups I can work on to get the desired effect?

Barry-H 4 months ago

Thanks again Fiji. This is a great session. The pose and posture explanations are super helpful, you offered many small alignment details that I was never aware of.

QLaLa 4 months ago

I always come back to this challenge when I've let my yoga practice fall by the wayside. I love that doyogawithme has kept this series free over the years; I've been using it since college! With COVID-19 keeping all of NYC indoors this month, I'm happy it's here to help me get back in the swing of practicing at home. Thanks Fiji!

tinksweeney 1 year ago

WOW, such great alignment cues, which I know over the years of practicing I forget. Coming up into warrior one you really helped me align my back leg by engaging my quad and it felt so much better. thank you Fiji for all the gifts you share with this series and Do Yoga With Me. Namaste

knockballs 1 year ago

I am a 60 year old man who has been doing yoga for about 5 years. Along with swimming and long beach walks here in Costa Rica, it is my primary form of exercise. I used to be a gym rat lifting weights all the time and faking my way through cardio. When we first started doing yoga together, my wife (who's been practicing yoga her whole life), would suggest doing a "Fiji" video and I would be resistant because I found them too challenging/tiring/exhausting. Now, I crave them. I absolutely love your videos, they have helped me lose 25 pounds which I've been able to keep off. I'm going to take my first surf lesson as soon as we're done with this awesome 14 day challenge. Thanks so much Fiji. You're a life changer.

Fiji McAlpine 1 year ago

I love these stories! Thank you for sharing, yoga can be transformational and you are living proof! I hope you enjoy surfing and all the other great adventures that are coming your way.

KrystleJane 1 year ago

Great class, as always!

I find that when I move into warrior 1 the 45 degree angle foot causes a lot of stress in my calf and ankle. Sometimes I'll just point it out the same was as warrior 2 because it tends to build up tension and pressure doing it the "right way"

Does anyone else have this problem? Should I try to ease into the 45 degree angle over time or is this one small compromise I can make to listen to my body?

Fiji McAlpine 1 year ago

Hi Krystle,

This is a tricky question! One of the reasons that the foot is turning forward is so that the pelvis can begin to turn forward. The anchor of the back heel make it so that the pelvis is never exactly square to the front of the mat but the edge you reach is opening the groin and hip flexor. If you turn the back foot out as in warrior 2, then try to square the pelvis to the front of the mat you would put too much pressure on the inside of the knee in that back leg. We don't want the accomodtion to remove you from discomfort to lead to more discomfort! On the other hand the tightness in the calf and ankle may be because of how the that joint is put together in your body and that bone is hitting bone in that angle of flexion. You could try to ease into the 45 over time as you were thinking, to see if you can open the connective tissue, keeping a good deal of pressure in the outer edge of the foot to protect the knee. The other option is to lift the back heel up like you would in a high lunge.

KrystleJane 1 year ago

Hi Fiji,

Thank you for the well thought out response, I'm going to try to work my foot towards the 45 angle. I'll be mindful of potential pressure in my knee in the back leg with the toe in warrior 2 position as I work it forward.

These sort of body cues are exactly why I love your classes, by the way! It's so great to have something concrete and specific to think about while I do my classes, especially as a primarily "at-home" practicer. I live in Zürich and yoga classes are just too expensive for me here.

Thanks again!

tinksweeney 1 year ago

This is such a nice class of proper foundation and alignment no matter how long one has been doing yoga! It is also challenging in the poses as there are some long holds!! I really benefited from this class. Thanks Fiji for day 2 fo the series!!