Yoga for Bone Health: Lower Body

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Instructor David Procyshyn
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This yoga for seniors class with David helps you strengthen the bones of your whole body, while focusing on the lower body. David also teaches you how to stretch your tight, sore muscles and improve your range of motion so you minimize the risk of experiencing chronic pain as you age, and encourage a feeling of lightness and energy. You may also want to check out David's Yoga for Bone Health: Upper Body.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors


This was a ...
Maralepp 3 weeks ago

This was a great class for gently stretching thebspine, hips, and legs. Just to confirm—which direction should the hips be pointing during the triangle pose?

These are really ...
Yoga soul 3 weeks ago

These are really nice, gentle core poses to stretch the lower body.

Great balance challenges. ...
nanzen 3 weeks ago

Great balance challenges. Thank you, David.

Love the stretches ...
duhsala 1 month ago

Love the stretches to the sides and the lengthening of my spine!

The time just ...
agilpwd 1 month ago

The time just flies by, thanks once again!

I have started ...
tomaswann 1 month ago

I have started looking forward to my morning session. I feel energy moving in my body. I am more alert.

Balance in all ...
dkondelik 1 month ago

Balance in all things is my motto and it is so important in every aspect of life. Thank you, David once again.

Excellent stretch with ...
cheryford 1 month ago

Excellent stretch with a balance challenge!