Yoga for Bone Health: Lower Body


Nyamyj 1 month ago

As an aging athlete who pushes too hard, I am searching for thoughtful, gentle, slow moving classes as this. Great class and you incorporated a few pilates/yoga movements. Moving slowly with proper alignment and detailed instruction David. Thank you very much.

Name Change
David Procyshyn 1 month ago

Note the name change on this one, everyone. We changed it from 'Osteoporosis' to 'Bone Health'.

Name change to Bone Health

Well done. Focusing on the positive aspect and not labeling your offering with a disease moniker. David you continue to align with my thinking and energy in all ways. I am most grateful for all of your gentle/senior classes - even though you yourself are not a "senior" in the physical sense, having your clear and kind instruction on so many videos is a gift. I do watch some of the other teachers, but come back to your classes as my best favorites again and again.

Perfectly said, Candace - I
TAP 1 month ago

Perfectly said, Candace - I am in complete agreement.

Deborah Lilly 1 month ago

I feel well stretched, straightened and balanced. Love the meditation on interoception at the end.