Yoga for Bone Health: Upper Body


Debhil 1 month ago

Thanks for letting me do yoga with you for years! But I have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis, especially in the upper spine, and have been warned by two MDs to not twist or round my back, including forward bends. However, I cannot find any real evidence that bending or twisting has actually caused spinal fractures. What's your opinion? Do you know of good quality research done on this topic? Thanks in advance.

Great class
Rbreid73 1 month ago

Hi David - I'm not necessarily your target audience for this class, but as a teacher I still loved slowing a sequence down to cater for a specific type of student. My Yoga for Men classes I run locally have many that join my class and would benefit from some of these more subtle movements to realise the benefits without overstraining themselves. It can be so challenging moving in space through poses, so I really like the use of the strap through many of these poses. Really looking to practicing the lower body class next - thank you.

Name Change, Two!
David Procyshyn 1 month ago

Note the name change on this one, everyone. We changed it from 'Osteoporosis' to 'Bone Health'.

Great Reminders!
birdnthesky 1 month ago

Enjoyed this class. It was nice to slow down and remember to be aware. Softening is something I need to work on. I feel myself stiffen in a lot of poses. Thank you.

Softening ...
Deborah Lilly 1 month ago

LOVELY, David. How come you always know just what I need? I appreciate how you articulate the essential minutiae of each pose; even after doing yoga for decades this was still a challenge resulting in a Warrior One more grounded than ever before. SOFTEN is such a lovely reminder for every minute. As the seasons pass I observe your environment; you're back outside and looks like you've got a drought; as we have in Australia.

Re: Softening...
David Procyshyn 1 month ago

HI Deborah. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. Yes, I think we can all soften a little more in yoga and in life, can't we! I'm happy that you benefited from this class.
It was filmed in the fall here on the west coast of Canada. Although we are on the coast, our summers are very dry.