The Ultimate Shoulder Sequence

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This slow, meditative Hatha yoga class is a thorough stretching of the shoulders and neck. You will be reminded throughout to return to an awareness of your body sensations as you flow through the poses. A 10-minute total body relaxation completes the class.


Knee Relief
percevial0815 1 month ago

Great class. Not able to sit in kneeling position for this long. Struggled to find alternate position. Also needed alternative for reverse prayer. Can barely get my ring and middle fingers to touch.

As a true beginner, I found
brittanyanne 2 months ago

As a true beginner, I found this session very difficult. I finished as much as I could, I only hope to improve further in the future and be able to complete the entire session! For now, my knees, ankles, and hips are telling me no!

Srividya 2 months ago

David, thank you for the incredible stretching. Your neck and shoulder stretch series has been really useful. If you could please make a 30 min video with everything that is in this 60 min video, that would be fabulous too. My upper spine, shoulder and neck have been happier because of you the past month! Thank you!

Great, but I need a shorter version!
sunnyr20 2 months ago

I love these deep stretches, and I know time is needed to really sink in, but I would LOVE a 20-30 minute version of this type of thing. This class, David's hips, hamstrings, and lower back class, and probably others I haven't found on the site yet, would be easier for me to do regularly if I could fit them in without a full dedicated hour. Maybe isolating them into segments, or quicker transitions would help, I'm not sure. Like others, I think this stretching is something I need, but I rarely have a full hour to dedicate to it. I could easily fit in 3 20-min sessions per week, though!

Very soothing
mcjw 4 months ago

Really enjoyed this long, slow practice. Many of the stretches are repeated throughout the class, and it's lovely to feel muscles lengthening and stretches getting deeper each time.

Great class.
ChefKriss 4 months ago

Great class! I definitely feel like the stretching has been beneficial and will continue helping me in the future. I feel very relaxed now.

Thanks so much for this class
Emerot 4 months ago

Thanks so much for this class, David. I really feel it's helping with an old shoulder injury.

Thank you David, great class.
Earthworm 7 months ago

Thank you David, great class.

Thank you Dave. I do this
vbelair02 9 months ago

Thank you Dave. I do this class at least once a week. Its the perfect combination with all of Fiji's intense power flows, my desk job and carrying my 18 month old baby around. I love your website. Thanks for making it so affordable. I love lighting candles, setting my Mala on my nice Manduka Mat and doing my yoga sessions in the comfort of my own home, on my own time. THANK YOU!