The Ultimate Shoulder Sequence

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This slow, meditative Hatha yoga class is a thorough stretching of the shoulders and neck. You will be reminded throughout to return to an awareness of your body sensations as you flow through the poses. A 10-minute total body relaxation completes the class.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


David Procyshyn 7 years ago

Hi there.

That's a great question. You're not alone - many people find it uncomfortable to sit on their heels, due to tight ankles or knees. There is a way to adapt the pose so that it is comfortable though. Try this:

1) Roll up two small towels so they form cigar shapes a few inches thick.
2) Get a few firm pillows or blankets.
3) This time when you sit back on your heels, place the rolled up towels under your ankles, and stack as many pillows and/or blankets on the floor, under your seat, as you need.

The higher you are sitting, the easier on your body. The more cushion under your ankles, the easier it will be on your feet.

Let me know if that helps.

David Founder

jblend 7 years ago

What a wonderful series. I appreciate your gently authoritative voice. So calming. Thank you, David!

fatmanwithafork 7 years ago

I've had a knot in my back for several days now and I finally decided to do this series. I can still feel the knot, but I feel so much better, so much more relaxed. I'm no longer in pain like I was when I began this video. Thanks, David. I really dig your style of teaching.

cali27ryan 8 years ago

This is the best sequence for shoulders I have ever done. My shoulders no longer feel like my own - in a good way! I really feel like a great deal of tension has been lifted literally off my shoulders. A few more sessions will most certainly do the trick.

Great Teacher, great class and I highly recommend it!

LuluDoll 8 years ago

All of my favorite videos so far in one uncut version. This really does stretch everything I need all in one class, thank you.

govinda 9 years ago

I love this class. all the repetition is perfect - just the way i like to practice.

Madeleine (not verified) 9 years ago

I have seriously never had a better shoulder stretch! I have chronic problems with frozen shoulder and this class made it feel better than it ever has.
Thank you so much for creating this site.

Elsanna 9 years ago

Great class ! Fantastic stretches, great scenery and music and fine relaxation !

Rakhshanda 9 years ago

It's really wonderfull.Now i can hope that my stiff shoulders would be working again inshallh.God may bless you.