Bend and Stretch

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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As she did in her popular Twist and Stretch class, Melissa guides you gently through a series of lovely, effective poses, focusing on bending but covering the entire body in an calm, attentive way. Always aware of alignment, Melissa's classes are absolutely perfect for the beginners, gentle yoga lovers, inflexible athletes and 55+, among others.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


jarofclay65 8 years ago

My daughter recently introduced me to yoga using this video. I've done it twice and I already feel more "power" in my body and want to keep going. And the relaxation and meditation is working wonders for my stress.

Thank you.


ngrace 8 years ago

Thank you again Melissa. Your classes and this wonderful website really are a gift to the world. I find the professionalism, commitment to excellence and the nurturing way your classes guide me safely, to be just what I need time and again.

yunkma 8 years ago

This is great exercise to reduce stress that came from work.

clarry 8 years ago

Lovely! Thanks, easy to follow, good instructions.

Becca Mae 8 years ago

Thank you so much for this class. My back feels so relaxed right now. I am off to do the Twist and Stretch next. Thank you again! Namaste.

Whirling Gene 8 years ago

This was actually my first class over 10 minutes and I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much. I'm pretty proud of myself for getting through it and I think it has all to do with the way the class was taught and the fantastic video.


mommymd 8 years ago

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for a great practice. I did it after a home kettlebell workout.

Coincidentally I'm visiting Victoria over the next few days. If I can get away from the kids, I'll try to come to the studio.


Lcbobs 8 years ago

Love this practice! It especially feels great after a session of strength training, a great way to cool down after and stretch everything out.

CharityG 8 years ago

Thank you Melissa!
My new year's resolution was to start and commit to yoga a day for my mind, body and spirit. Thankfully I found you the first week of the new year:)and have been coming back daily. I particularly love bend and stretch!
When can we expect more??
The 20-30min videos are the best as I can fit them into my morning routine.
Thank you, thank you!