Power Yoga for Motivation

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

Feeling a little stuck in your life? Tracey's lively personality alone can shift your energy; but you add a creative, challenging flow like this one and you may find that you walk away from this class with a fresh spark in your life, making you feel strong, confident and ready to take on the world!


Good all-arounder!
PeacefulRN 6 days ago

Stretch, twist, balance, breath, feel.
Great class - full of juicy hip stretches and hamstring releases. A nice smattering of planks to remind keep the core awake. Thanks!

Lovely Practice
dvells69 4 weeks ago

Very nice routine, lots of hip openers. Feel great, love this practice.

One of my favourites
Marieseville 1 month ago

This is one I did a lot last year before I progressed onto more challenging classes. It's still a lovely challenge though and a great hip opener. I personally think it's a good idea to go between intermediate and advanced level classes to vary the intensity and also to give certain muscles a bit of a rest.
Thank you, Tracey!

Amazing as always thank you I
Ameyc2 2 months ago

Amazing as always thank you I've had a week off this was perfect to resettle and ground!

Amazing flow
jaypeapeachy 3 months ago

Thank you Tracey for the amazing, strong yoga flow. This was my first Do Yoga With Me video and I will definitely be back for more. :)

Perfect Balance
Denise3 5 months ago

Wonderful strength and stretching class. Love Tracey's classes!

Thank you for this beautiful
Kat Colorado 6 months ago

Thank you for this beautiful practice. It challenged me but most of all it made me feel good about myself.

Tracey is my favorite teacher
arinarnold 7 months ago

Tracey is my favorite teacher! I do one of her classes every day. This is one of my favorites! Great class.

My favorite class. Tracey
cleofrossard 7 months ago

My favorite class. Tracey Noseworthy I just love your classes.

Such a beautiful class!
Tanja Andrea 7 months ago

This was such a beautiful class! Thank you very much, Tracey. That was exactly what I needed. I was able to stay curious and aware during the whole class and I even managed to do the first real crow pose of my life. I'll definitely be coming back to this one. Your guidance really makes the poses feal easy.