Power Yoga for Motivation

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Tracey Noseworthy
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Feeling a little stuck in your life? Tracey's lively personality alone can shift your energy; but you add a creative, challenging flow like this one and you may find that you walk away from this class with a fresh spark in your life, making you feel strong, confident and ready to take on the world!


Love the challenging poses in
laurie.rq04 2 months ago

Love the challenging poses in this class! Lots of core and plank feels great. Thank you, Tracey!

Moving meditation
Chinacat_Moonflower 3 months ago

Love the mind-body connection in this motivating yet gentle class. Well balanced! I come back to this one frequently

A little bit of core, a lot
Jentoujours 3 months ago

A little bit of core, a lot of hip and hamstrings and a lot of great energy. Thank you!!

mons424 3 months ago

Thank you so much for this class and making it available to all. I really enjoyed it and feel energized and centered.

brindmore 4 months ago

Tracey your sequencing is so unique and wonderful! The directions you give for poses are concise and easy to follow. Thank you for all your great classes!!

soshedid86 4 months ago

This was a challenging but accessible class that left me with energy and released tension. Thank you!

great class! loved the sound
nkreher 5 months ago

great class! loved the sound of the water in the background!

Tracey! I LOVE this class
Paulette9 5 months ago

Tracey! I LOVE this class-Love the PACE-Love your WORDS-Love YOU! Thanks for moving me along on the journey of my soul!

Good all-arounder!
PeacefulRN 6 months ago

Stretch, twist, balance, breath, feel.
Great class - full of juicy hip stretches and hamstring releases. A nice smattering of planks to remind keep the core awake. Thanks!