Power Yoga for Motivation

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
Average: 4.8 (295 votes)
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Feeling a little stuck in your life? Tracey's lively personality alone can shift your energy; but you add a creative, challenging flow like this one and you may find that you walk away from this class with a fresh spark in your life, making you feel strong, confident and ready to take on the world!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Mirmbike 4 years ago

I do not know how I existed without you. Thank you. Namaste

LucyHB 4 years ago

I was so excited to see a new class from Tracey, and naturally this one doesn't disappoint. Fun flow and encouraging words, definitely put a spark in my afternoon. Tracey is a wonderful teacher!

janok 4 years ago

I take Tracey's classes all the time and never make a comment, so here goes! Thank you Tracey for the wonderful work you offer us. I enjoy your spirit and your discipline. This class is no exception to the other wonderful classes I have enjoyed from you. Namaste.

Jewels1 4 years ago

Fantastic. What a great gift for my day. Loved the flow and the strength, as well as the comments throughout that kept me present and grounded. Thank you so much Tracey for this class! Your best one yet!


amykreider 4 years ago

Another Awesome class! Love the pacing the order of postures and the way I feel after every Noseworthy class! Such a great way to start my day. Thanks Tracey and DYWM!

Elsa Avila 4 years ago

Tracey always surprise us with her challenging-connecting-fun flows. At the end I really let go the useless attachments that make our journey heavier. THANKS TO ALL DYWM FOR YOUR COMMITMENT