Power Yoga for Beginners

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Fiji McAlpine
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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If you're wondering if you're doing chaturanga, plank, warrior one or the vinyasa flow correctly, this power yoga flow class for beginners is a great place to start. Fiji takes the time to break down each pose, focusing on alignment and how the pose should feel to you. Fiji occasionally holds poses for longer than she normally does, so remember to take breaks if you need to.


What a wonderful class this
DeLeonDrummer 2 years ago

What a wonderful class this was! I really felt strong in many of those because of some prior exercise programs that I have been doing. Excellent tempo as well. Feeling more confident as I move forward!

basilandbees 2 years ago

It has been years since I've practiced regularly. Your pace and explanations were both welcomed and appreciated.

Very good beginner pace.
lauralparker 2 years ago

Very good beginner pace. Great explanation of the poses.

This was a great refresher
kholbein 2 years ago

This was a great refresher class! Going over the poses in a slow pace broken down to help remind my body how to move!

Great yoga class for go back to yoga
CC 2 years ago

I am coming back to yoga after a eight months break. This is a great practice to get connected again. I believe I will continue with for a week or two and then move on to a more speedy one. At the start, there is a strong foundation part, a bit like iyengar, to ensure that the postures will be done safely and in the correct alignment. I will strongly recommend it to beginners and people who had a break like me.

Awesome instruction for a
Lady Bones 2 years ago

Awesome instruction for a returning yoga student. This will definitely help me get my flexibility back. Thank you Fiji!

Such a wonderful class and a
Namastesoph 2 years ago

Such a wonderful class and a wonderful lady. Blessed to have found this online haven. Namaste.

Wish every studio streamed this class as a pre-req for power!
gypsyrasa 2 years ago

I learned power classes the wrong way, going to a studio and hopping in. You develop so many bad habits. This class finally put it all together for me in a way where a power class still feels therapeutic to me. I know exactly where to put my body in each pose. Thank you Fiji!

I second gypsyrasa. This
LovemyLife 2 years ago

I second gypsyrasa. This power class brought me back to my foundation, after years of not practicing. This was such good instruction. Thank you Fiji.

Great class for form
Rachel Fried 2 years ago

I've been practicing yoga semi-regularly for years, and this was an excellent and much-needed back to the basics class. Fiji's explanations are so helpful, and I particularly improved my form in plank and triangle, which I'm very excited about. This is a great class to keep returning to even as you advance in your practice to ground your poses in proper form.