Happy Feet

Hatha Yoga
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This class helps you understand how to use your feet properly. Rachel begins with some self care, then guides you through a sweet flow that keeps you aware of your feet, improving your practice, your balance and your connection to the earth.


Thank you!
branwine 6 months ago

I am on day 10 (or 11) and i can feel myself getting stronger and not so resistant to practice! I am oh so grateful! Thank you for the great mix!

Grateful Feet, Good Balance Foundation!
Melanie Lichtinger 6 months ago

My feet are warm, revitalized, and grateful - so good to experience how important the feet are for balance, and what a difference it makes to give them lots of love and care and good challenge. Just 'even' the massaging right at the beginning would make a big difference for a Yoga class. And something to do throughout the day!
Thanks so much, Rachel - great focus on feet, and good focused class!
Loved, revisited, and shared on facebook, today under the happy, mobile SAG Moon, and the Sun now in PISCES which rules the FEET! :-)

I almost skipped this class
Dakota Drummer 6 months ago

i was temped to skip this class in the 30-day challenge because I thought that I might not like it. Instead of allowing my judging mind to take control, I chose to do the class and remain focused and mindful. I'm glad that I did. It was more challenging than I expected and i really had to focus on my breath during some of the holds where my muscles were burning!

What an awesome session; just
jerridot 6 months ago

What an awesome session; just what I needed for today! Thank you.

Thank you thank you thank you!
dtripp 6 months ago

Needed this one! Felt great to have the teachers teacher teaching.
So during the last balance posture, yes I did close my eyes and well "humph dumpty"!! Why is it balance is challenged with eyes closed?

Yoga in public parks
lindaswany 7 months ago

Made me smile during shavasana to hear someone in the background say, "We'll stay here. They're taking a picture of yoga. See? The lady's doing yoga." I love doing yoga outdoors in the summertime. My favorite class is on the Detroit Riverwalk, where all sorts of boats pass by, walkers, runners, bicyclists with boom boxes, birds calling, bees buzzing, butterflies flitting, coast guard helicopters flying overhead. It makes me feel more connected, to both nature and people. I'm glad you didn't edit it out. Realness.

Wonderful for often overlooked part of the body
eupad 7 months ago

As a nurse, I tend to take my feet for granted. This workout was just what I needed after three shifts in a row. Thank you!

I did this class as part of
Michelle G 7 months ago

I did this class as part of the 30 day challenge. Wonderful instruction. This class gave me a new understanding and has allowed me to have a stronger practice. Thank you! Please do more classes at the intermediate level.

Great Post-Run Stretches
SLFLeard 7 months ago

This may be my favorite post-run yoga! Thank you!!