Gentle Yoga for Reducing Stress

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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This is a gentle yoga class that has a full-body focus, developed to help you feel present and 'in your body'. The selection of asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing exercises) and affirmations are designed to help you rest, rejuvenate and relax.

Equipment: Block, Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety/Stress


EmBe 2 months ago

This was a great class for after my morning workout. I’m glad I gave myself the gift of a DYWM membership for Christmas again this year.

kheughan 3 months ago

This was a wonderful practice. I feel relaxed and stress free. Thank you, Melissa.

SMZalokar 5 months ago

What a lovely class. I will return to this one with frequency. Thank you.

TonyD 7 months ago

Thank you SO much for guiding us through this restorative and transformative practice!


ReVG 9 months ago

During this quarantine I haven’t felt like pressuring myself to do much or a very vigorous and strenuous practice. Your lessons have been so helpful and soothing. The gentleness of your voice and your calm and loving words have helped me be gentle with myself and grateful, instead of tough and overcritical. Thank you, Melissa.

KCGD 9 months ago

Thank you so much! This was just what I needed today. I fee much more at ease. Many stressors here at home right now. The affirmations were perfect. Thank you again. Namaste.

kimchi 9 months ago

This was a nice gentle evening practice - I wanted to fit in some yoga, but also wanted to wind down. This class was perfect.