Flow Yoga to Energize

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Hatha Yoga
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This gentle hatha yoga flow class will wake you up in the morning, revitalize you in the middle of a busy day and can help lead you into a relaxing evening and a good night's sleep, when done at the end of your work day. Melissa shines as your guide, making the flow easy to follow and a fun, fulfilling experience.


A beautiful humming energy field
CristinaAurelia 2 weeks ago

At the end stage of this while lying down, I felt an energy field or something hovering all around my body, from head to toe, about 6 inches from my body. It was like it was a gentle hum. Absolutely incredible. I've never had that happen. It was beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for your kind instruction. What a gift.

Oh, but for a tone
Pebblefaith 2 months ago

I love this practice—it was just the right intensity for where I am. It stretched me a bit, but helped me relax. Excellent, as always. I have to confess; however, that I nearly turned off the video near the beginning because of that high pitched tone that played in the background for nearly the whole practice. Despite all attempts to ignore it and/or rest into it, I found it intensely irritating and will probably be reluctant to try this video again. The rest of the music was beautiful and when the tone disappeared for a bit toward the middle of the practice —pure bliss. I don't know if it's just my speakers, but it would be so nice if that tone went away ... or just down a half step or two. Thank you for this awesome website and these excellent practices! I'm trying to get back on the wagon with yoga after a long hiatus and these are so helpful and kind.

I heard the high pitch tone
Liga 1 week ago

I heard the high pitch tone too. Apart from that, wonderful. Thank you Melissa

A perfect start to the day.
terkalin 2 months ago

Melissa's videos on You Tube are what eventually led me to this site and wanting to support the great work done here. Her aura and instruction style are a natural fit for me, and this is one of my favorite sessions. As a middle-aged gal who has practiced off and on for 20+ years, I appreciate finally being able to tune into more of the breathing and subtle nuances of muscular position. "Your foot should be at 2 o'clock" I love detail like that. Melissa does a great job with instructional tips, while ensuring us it is ok to recognize limits or injuries - or just kick back in child's pose for a bit. I love that it is OK TO NOT BE a limber pretzel balancing on your nose with your feet behind your head. (* but, goals!*)

Wow - perfect class - such a
gayemarie brown 2 months ago

Wow - perfect class - such a great balance between flow/movement and relaxation. Great instructions. I am just resuming my practise after a hiatus and this felt great.

DianeFJohnson 3 months ago

Beautiful practice with gentle sun salutations and wonderful instructions. Thank you.

"However you turned up today
Turtle70 3 months ago

"However you turned up today doesn't matter, only that you turned up" - love it:) Another great class, thanks!

Thank you thank you thanks.
Reneediane 3 months ago

Thank you thank you thanks.
Feel wonderful

30 day challenge
jeannecrane 3 months ago

This is amazing, one week and Im feeling so much more from the classes. This class was so good and surely made my day.