Flow Yoga to Energize

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Melissa Krieger
Hatha Yoga
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This gentle hatha yoga flow class will wake you up in the morning, revitalize you in the middle of a busy day and can help lead you into a relaxing evening and a good night's sleep, when done at the end of your work day. Melissa shines as your guide, making the flow easy to follow and a fun, fulfilling experience.


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Maralepp 1 month ago

Fantastic flow for this class. The music was a very interesting choice. I can see why some others commented that it was unpleasant and sounded a little like feedback. I rather liked it, but then I like music with feedback. I felt that it helped me focus, like chanting om... Lovely studio, by the way.

nadomom 1 month ago

Great before bed class to get the body stretched out and relaxed. Thank you.

Thank you Melissa - I love the way
Gaynor Walters 1 month ago

Thank you Melissa - I love the way you instruct and get the class body mind etc.... to flow into the right direction. Excellent.

Gentle and challenging
Karrie 2 months ago

Great practice, Melissa! Thank you!!

Thanks again, Melissa, for a
Madalina 3 months ago

Thanks again, Melissa, for a wonderful class! I can't believe it's the first time I do this flow... I was feeling like going to bed and stay there for the whole day, but I pushed myself into this practice and was the best choice. My favorite yoga teacher by far :)

A great class! It's the
Efreese 3 months ago

A great class! It's the perfect pace for me. Challenging but slow. Thank you. I'd like to have a series of these classes. I love the yoga challenges because I don't have to decide which class to do. It's all picked out!

A beautiful wake up
katielee23 4 months ago

Thank you for a gorgeous wake-me-up class, Melissa. I'm ready for the day now!
(i did notice that background noise, though...just a wee bit).

love love love
chopper 1 year ago

this was perfect class after a long day , thank you so much Melissa I love your classes!!

A beautiful humming energy field
CristinaAurelia 1 year ago

At the end stage of this while lying down, I felt an energy field or something hovering all around my body, from head to toe, about 6 inches from my body. It was like it was a gentle hum. Absolutely incredible. I've never had that happen. It was beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for your kind instruction. What a gift.