Flow Yoga to Energize

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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This gentle hatha yoga flow class will wake you up in the morning, revitalize you in the middle of a busy day and can help lead you into a relaxing evening and a good night's sleep, when done at the end of your work day. Melissa shines as your guide, making the flow easy to follow and a fun, fulfilling experience.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga


Dnakagawa 4 months ago

Like magic, I feel more energized yet very relaxed. Melissa's class was the the perfect antidote to a busy work and home life. Do Yoga with Me helps balance, sooth and strengthen my body.

With deepest gratitude,


LHolloway 10 months ago

Thanks for another wonderful class, Melissa! This was my favorite class so far in this challenge. I love how you instruct all of your classes & somehow always know when I need to be reminded to breathe and to relax the muscles where I have all of my tension held. I look forward to completing many many more of your classes!

sabrina711 1 year ago

I never feel more fully accepted than during Melissa's classes. Such a beautiful, calming energy in each one. Thank you Melissa, you have definitely become my favorite teacher on this site, even among so many wonderful instructors!

abusse 1 year ago

This was a great class, but I kept stopping the video to see what that high pitched sound was. I guess it is part of the music? I found it quite distracting. Other than that, I think Melissa is becoming my favourite instructor!

kamo 1 year ago

It is interesting how music can affect us differently - I LOVED the background "hum" to the music and it caused me to go very deep into a blissful trance-like state during longer held poses and shavasana. I was pleased to see she shared the artist and song name! I want to buy it to loop for sleeping at night! This was just the class I needed today - thank you Melissa!

binary 1 year ago

Melissa never ceases to amaze me. This practice builds strength in a way that is accessible and gentle. A true talent. Thank you.

Maralepp 1 year ago

Fantastic flow for this class. The music was a very interesting choice. I can see why some others commented that it was unpleasant and sounded a little like feedback. I rather liked it, but then I like music with feedback. I felt that it helped me focus, like chanting om... Lovely studio, by the way.

nadonado 1 year ago

Great before bed class to get the body stretched out and relaxed. Thank you.

Gaynor Walters 1 year ago

Thank you Melissa - I love the way you instruct and get the class body mind etc.... to flow into the right direction. Excellent.