Creating Internal Lightness

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Instructor Rachel Scott
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In this all levels hour long flow class, you will explore how the elusive mula bandha can be practiced and incorporated into all the poses of your yoga practice. Not only will practicing mula bandha help to create lightness and ease in your yoga practice, learning to access and tone the pelvic floor will also support your functionality in daily life.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga


Rachel's cueing is ...
yogiAndermoser 2 months ago

Rachel's cueing is amazing! So easy to follow - and to picture what I am supposed to be doing and feeling. Love, love, love!

There's something very ...
Lilalou 2 months ago

There's something very frustrating about this class, the movements don't have the normal feeling of release and you can't really 'sink' into a lot of the poses, but at the same time you're completely relaxed by the end. Definitely one to come back to.

Feeling AMAZING after ... 2 months ago

Feeling AMAZING after this class. It's been a very physically active weekend for me and these sweet sweet stretches, while difficult, really released my hamstrings, hips, and low back that are tired from other workouts. The focus on mula bandha forced me into an intense mindfulness and total mental presence during this practice - made it that much more amazing.

Some day I ...
tali 2 months ago

Some day I will get that amazing lift that Rachel has! Very good class with a lot of foundational work

I couldn’t make ...
Dnakagawa 2 months ago

I couldn’t make time until the evening. This was wonderful flow to end the weekend.


Wow lots of ...
Nforseth 2 months ago

Wow lots of new learning in this. Great cues for forward hop!

Perfect flow ! ...
Frankie117 2 months ago

Perfect flow ! I have to say that I was intimidated by having two longer classes back to back but this was a great follow up to yesterday 's class .