Creating Internal Lightness

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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In this all levels hour long flow class, you will explore how the elusive mula bandha can be practiced and incorporated into all the poses of your yoga practice. Not only will practicing mula bandha help to create lightness and ease in your yoga practice, learning to access and tone the pelvic floor will also support your functionality in daily life.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga


DanielleOwl 5 months ago

Did this class for the first time today. Loved it! One of my top 5 favorites I've found on this site. Connecting the pelvic floor engagement to the exhale was a total ah-ha moment of awareness/connection in my body. Beautiful! Thank you!

Rachel Scott 5 months ago

Danielle - AWESOME! I love this work,'s so wonderful to watch how you can bring this awareness to your other classes ~ made a big difference in my practice :)

Rhett 5 months ago

Excellent class. Got a little bit sweaty and definitely accessed my pelvic floor. Until recently that had been a bit of an enigma for me. One thing I love about Rachel’s classes is that I often takeaway things like the ‘hopping forward from downward dog using my pelvic floor’ into other classes. One small note, not all people who can relate to the picking up a grape metaphor are ladies. Gender and body organs come a variety of forms and combinations. Might be good to say something like “people with labias” or something more gender inclusive for future classes. Thanks!

Fiji McAlpine 2 months ago

Thank you for the feed back and reminder that we are everexpanding our ability to cue in an inclusive way! You are right, we are finally celebrating the fact that we are incredibly unique creations in every way. We will all keep this in mind in future cueing.

Rhett 2 months ago

Thank you I really appreciate this comment!

Rhett 2 months ago

Yes, really. Being inclusive to identities outside ones own is a very basic human consideration and should not be surprising.

Rims 5 months ago

Amazing epiphany!!! First time I connect the pelvic floor muscles to help me hover my foot off the floor. Feeling exhilarated. Thank you Rachel.

monkeymath 7 months ago

I often struggle to "get" instructions such as"lift your pelvis" or "tuck your tailbone in": I'm never quite sure what it means and which sensation to expect. I think this class really helped me to make some progress in that regard (although my genitalia is not of much use for blueberry picking, sadly).

More generally: as a beginner, I wasn't terribly successful with some of the poses and movements, but I still enjoyed the class and the sensations it gave me (during and after) immensely and feel that my strength, balance and flexibility benefit greatly. Can/should I keep doing it, as long as it feels right, even if I sort of suck at it, or should I rather go back to classes that I can manage more easily?

chriscorreia 5 months ago

I also just did the class for the first time, and it was a stretch for me on a number of levels. I LOVE your question and assessment in your last sentence. You made me laugh out loud, in regards to this class and for learning many things in general. I think there's a lot of wisdom in it: should I keep doing it, as long as it feels right, even if I sort of suck at it. Brilliant, insightful question!

Rachel's answer was meant for me too. This is subtle stuff. Anyone can muscle through something; it's the ongoing practice with awareness of subtle and foundational elements that lead to progress over time. Although one can muscle through in short order, those subtle and foundational elements take a lot longer to learn and to appreciate, and maybe even longer to integrate in to the whole.