Creating Internal Lightness


Amazing class!
EiMertens 3 days ago

Thank you so much for this class! The detailed instruction helped me so much. I started doing Rachel’s Well Rounded Challenging Beginner class about a year ago and it really helped me understand the foundations so much better. This class took that to the next level for me. I’m going to try to do it regularly. I think I finally understand how to do the hop now. Maybe someday I’ll get my feet close to my hands. :)

bettina.hamelin... 2 weeks ago

Loved the intensity of this class, creating much deeper awareness of the pelvic floor throughout the practice. Tough and rewarding! Thank you!

Rachel Scott 2 weeks ago

Bettina - so glad that you liked it! For me, once I started to tune into the pelvic floor awareness through the practice, it felt like a whole different ballgame ;)

A new way to move my body
ktlady 3 weeks ago

I needed to try something new today and this was just what I needed. Your cues helped me see how differently I could focus and use my body to move through challenging poses. I modified a lot, but thoroughly enjoyed playing with each movement of class and exploring what worked for me. This was challenging, but uplifting and I look forward to trying it again!

Internal lightness
Rachel Scott 2 weeks ago

yay! I'm so happy that this class created a sense of play and exploration! So happy you tried it :)

Loved it
Rwasser 2 months ago

Rachel, you are always so intentional and clear with your cueing. Thank you. I was feeling very heavy physically, emotionally- I DO feel lighter now.
Thank you so much!

Rachel Scott 2 months ago

It's so good when changing our physical state can change all the other stuff (mental heaviness, emotional heaviness), too. AMAZING :)

Bring your own joy
duroc017 3 months ago

I know this was beneficial for strengthening my practice, but man, it was tough! I consider myself to be at an intermediate level, but clearly I still have some work to do on mula bandha! I wished there would have been some moments to rest and stretch throughout the practice because I found myself getting pretty tired during some of those tedious, slow movements of the practice. I guess I should probably keep coming back to this one periodically, but I just wish it a was more joyful. I guess I need to bring my own joy next time!

Internal Lightness
Rachel Scott 3 months ago

Thank you for the feedback! I know what you mean; the slower practices can be really hard. Thanks for sticking with it :)

Tough but Illuminating
ama_L 3 months ago

This class was very challenging for me as I have rather tight hamstrings. This class stretched them out a bit and showed me where I have more room to open up. I sweat so much throughout the hour because I had to work hard to make it through but I ended the class feeling great!