Core Strength and Stretch

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Hatha Yoga
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Class Description: 

Melissa's emphasis on core strength helps keep you safe, while challenging your body to stay strong. Melissa incorporates a beautiful yoga flow that stretches the body as your strength builds. An amazing class that is delivered with such ease and grace.


Utterly beautiful Melissa,
katierose 1 year ago

Utterly beautiful Melissa, thank you for this moment of peace!

Thank you
eruvande 1 year ago

This is a bit more of a personal comment than usually appears on this site, I know, but: my husband decided that he wanted a divorce last week, and Melissa's classes have been a big part of helping me stay centered.

I loved this class! I have
Rhobart 1 year ago

I loved this class! I have had back surgery and after months of physical therapy, am able to return to yoga! Yoga absolutely is the best medicine! My new health care! This class as well as all the beginner videos I have done have been a God send!

Thank you Melissa. Your
Mez 1 year ago

Thank you Melissa. Your classes are great.

Great class for lower back pain.....
chopper 1 year ago

This class always makes my back feel better and my mind
Thanks again and again and again.

Evertime I do a new class on DYWM is say this is my favourite..
chopper 1 year ago

Oh my Glory I started my day with Melissa and now finsihed my day with this amazing core strength and stretch class. You are a yoga angel and I am blessed to share my time with you.
You are gentle but yet very effective . Everyone should do this class it would make the world a better place....
Peace and Love

Eases into power yoga
barbkoch 1 year ago

Good compromise if you aren't up to an intermediate or advanced level. Melissa's instructions are clear and soothing without the distracting chatter.

Core Strength Class
spritsong 1 year ago

I love all of Melissa Krieger's classes. This class defiantly strengthens your core! Thank you Melissa and thanks to all of you at Do Yoga With Me!

Great yoga class! I love it :
teglasyflora 1 year ago

Great yoga class! I love it :) Melissa is my fav yoga teacher. Her yoga videos helps me so much.