Core Strength and Stretch

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Melissa Krieger
Hatha Yoga
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Melissa's emphasis on core strength helps keep you safe, while challenging your body to stay strong. Melissa incorporates a beautiful yoga flow that stretches the body as your strength builds. An amazing class that is delivered with such ease and grace.


Exactly what I needed today
ilene 4 years ago

Thank yo Melissa. A perfect combination for this morning <3

Love this routine!
Hollycat13 4 years ago

Thank you Melissa! I've done the routine 4 times now and I love the gentle sweet approach by this instructor. It's gentle, but you still get a workout.

Thank you!
Enief 4 years ago

Such a good experience - thank you! Good reminders on relaxing the parts of the body not in use. The introduction, with the exhaling and feeling how it engages your core was perfect for me - made it a lot easier to remember (and feel) throughout the class. I also appreciated your reminders about the ribs not popping out.

Perfect combination of
lynne2525 4 years ago

Perfect combination of balance, stretch, and core! Loved it.

Excellent class!
katietemple 4 years ago

I'll definitely come back to this class a lot. Thank you!

treepose (not verified) 4 years ago

Loved this one. Relaxing yet hard work at the same time.

Wonderful video!
caitidid (not verified) 4 years ago

Really loved this video, it was a perfect way to start my day!

naho 3 years ago

This was a lovely video to work with but I think it would be more fitting to categorize this as Beginner. Nice and relaxing!

Perfect for today
bjrosen 3 years ago

This was a perfect alternative to my Monday schedule as I am feeling under the weather. Enough to energize me but not push me to exhaustion. Thank you.

Very nice.
surso 4 years ago

I feel great. I had to stop about 3 times(6 month old), but it was still fulfilling. Thank you.