Core Strength and Stretch

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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Melissa's emphasis on core strength helps keep you safe, while challenging your body to stay strong. Melissa incorporates a beautiful yoga flow that stretches the body as your strength builds. An amazing class that is delivered with such ease and grace.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


LindsayC608 2 days ago

I cued up this practice on a chilly Saturday morning. It was just the thing to warm up, stretch out and get ready for the day. I particularly enjoyed the gate(s), which I haven't done in a bit; I love how they open up that side body. Thank you so much Melissa!

lucidbee 1 week ago

Love this class. It starts slow and when the flow starts I feel warmed up and ready. I have learned a lot. I started yoga in my 60's in March and this class was hard at first and now it is such a pleasure.

judegreb 1 week ago

So awesome for you, lucidbell. I am well into my 60's and I love this class too. Just have to be very mindful with my knees, always have a quilt ready to lay across the middle of my mat.

Francine P 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much, great flow. And I must add that it so pleasant to hear the criquets in the background, though it is November I was fooled and for a fraction of a second I thought it was summer.

Kiva and Sky 2 weeks ago

I enjoyed the instruction and arrangement of poses. Hopefully I can look forward to more Intermediate or Advance classes from this Melissa.

joygirl 1 month ago

Beautiful practice! Thank you once again Mellisa!

Simasmd 3 months ago

Wonderful class. I wanted an active but not too vigorous class to wake me up today and this was perfect. My knees thank you for the attention when they might not have been happy; really appreciate the precautions/alternatives. I will add this class into my regular rotation. Thank you. Namaste.