Core Fantastic

Kim Wilson
Instructor Kim Wilson
Average: 4.6 (240 votes)
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Make your core fantastic with this awesome yoga/pilates fusion class! It's a quickie, but be ready for a challenging core workout. Kim, in her wonderfully light-hearted style (and her wonderful polka dot pants!) has a way of making you feel like you can do what your body is telling you that you can't. This short video is included in the Class Pack, Level 3 Yoga/Pilates Fusion.

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates


sng4ever 11 months ago

Kim is great at guiding through this class. It will work your core well. Short but effective!

yogiAndermoser 1 year ago

Perfect for a quick session. You have an excellent way of guiding, Kim and are good at explaining things in a way that makes the adjustments easy to understand.

Paulette9 2 years ago

Kim has such a light and pleasant voice! Great combination of core work and yoga! Thanks Kim!

Mhare 2 years ago

Great class. I think I will do it a few times a week.

juliazanette 2 years ago

This was so awesome! Just what I needed. Will definitely be doing again soon.

Jane53 3 years ago

I was looking for a short class which focused specifically on building up core strength and this class definitely did that. I agree that the delivery was cheerful and encouraging and it didn't feel like hard work! However, like others, I had to stop the video a few times to work out exactly what I was supposed to be doing. If the explanations were a little bit clearer, this would be a 5* class for me. Thanks!